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About Pam

When I first got into wood-fired cooking, I struggled making pizza dough. So, rather than worry about how my homemade dough would turn out at pizza parties, I just bought pre-made dough at my local supermarket.  

It was embarrassing to be an expert with wood-fired pizza ovens while unable to make homemade dough successfully. 

I realized there are 100s (if not 1000s) of recipes and techniques for making pizza dough.  And just as many when you start baking bread (ask me how I know).

I would try one person’s technique but then switch to another that sounded better.  I was experimenting with my conventional oven and my wood-fired oven.

It was a confusing time, and I just wanted someone to tell me the one thing to do so I could produce consistently good dough for pizza and bread.

Pam putting pizza in Maximus Prime wood-fired oven

Eventually, after tons of research, practice, and paying for several courses, I am happy to say that I am now consistently proud of my dough.

Learning a solid base of knowledge and techniques around dough-making made all the difference.  I know others, like you, are going through the same frustrations and confusion. 

That’s why I want to inspire more home chefs to overcome their dough-making challenges with renewed enthusiasm.

By empowering you with knowledge and skills in a structured format, you'll no longer feel limited by pre-made dough options and can experiment with different recipes and techniques.

And, you'll progress WAY FASTER than I did! It's not as hard as you think (and way more fun with friends)!

Join me in our Stay In The Dough membership where we are having lots of fun making dough!