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Why do we love The Outdoor Plus?

The Outdoor Plus (TOP), is a company that manufactures high-quality outdoor products to ensure you have everything from fireside chats with friends or family members all year long in your own backyard - without having to go anywhere else!

Imagine creating your very own oasis right in your own backyard! With pool fire bowls, concrete fire pits, and waterfalls galore, this space would be the ultimate relaxation destination. Whether you want to splash around in the pool or simply lounge by one of the inviting fire features, there is plenty of space for fun and relaxation.

The Outdoor Plus is committed to providing high quality handmade products - including their "built in house" reliable electronic systems - made right here in America by people who care about what they do - which means you can be confident knowing that every time you relax by the fire pit or listen to the flowing water fountain ; it was crafted using some American ingenuity!

Fun Fact:  We all know that staring into the fire can make you feel relaxed, but did you also realize how it's scientifically proven to work? The longer we gaze on these flames the more likely our blood pressure will decrease along with our stress! Not only does seeing water have this same effect; hearing its soothing sound triggers similar reactions in your brain which causes neurochemicals like noradrenaline (a chemical related closely to feelings of happiness) to flood through veins leading towards muscles causing instant relaxation.

Look at the beautiful, unique fire & water features from The Outdoor Plus to find the one that will give you the tranquil effect you crave.  With a variety of colors, textures, and styles to choose from for all these various elements, it will be easy to create an oasis that perfectly reflects your personal style and tastes. So why wait? Start dreaming up your ideal pool oasis today!


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