Temp-Cast Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Why do we love the Temp-Cast brand?


Temp-Cast heaters provide unmatched performance and improved indoor air quality making them extremely popular for cold-weather homeowners. These fireplaces with pizza ovens also promote healthy heating and a reduced environmental impact. 

Benefits of using the Temp-Cast fireplace with pizza oven unit:

1.  Heat your home with less wood - Use half as much wood to get the same amount of heat compared to inserts and wood stoves.

2. Perfect for emergency or primary home heating - Many customers heat their home with a Temp-Cast masonry heater along with solar panels for their home's remaining power needs. Power outages in winter can be scary but owning a Temp-Cast heater will bring you peace of mind.

3. Safe operation - The high-temperature burn of a Temp-Cast with proper wood eliminates the risk of chimney fire.  Known as the safest of all solid fuel appliances, these masonry heaters will provide you with a stunning, incredibly beautiful heating source while enhancing a healthy lifestyle.


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