Alfa Ovens Pizza Peel Set


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Set: 3-pc
Handle Length: 36"
Color: Black

The New Alfa Ovens Peel Set is Functional & Elegant

Over a year of R&D, the new and improved Alfa Ovens Peel Set is now available to make your cooking experience better than ever! This peel set is compatible with all Alfa Ovens and this is the first extendable pizza peels in the world! All peels can be screwed and unscrewed as needed and given extra length with extensions.

What's included:
  • The Professional Pizza Peel - The aluminum pizza peel is the perfect combination of technology, performance, and design. The Pizza Peel is perforated to get rid of the extra flour, just like professional chefs do. This is used to slide pizzas in and out of the oven; a flight of the wrist and there you are!

    • *The SMALL peel has been discontinued.
  • Stainless Steel Turner Peel (9") - You can use the round pizza peel to rotate pies in the oven. Never mind, with some practice you will quickly become a pizza-meister!
  • Brass Bristle Brush Peel (2" W x 6" L)- The brush comes with brass bristles for better cleaning without damaging the oven floor
  • Stainless Steel Rake Peel (1" W x 14" L)- The ember rake allows you to prepare the cooking floor and to move ash, embers, and burning wood safely to the oven sides.
  • Shovel (8.5" W x 9" L) - The shovel is perfect for removing your ashes for a clean oven. Not included in the 4pc set

Guide to Alfa Pizza Peel Set

We've put together this little guide to help you decide which set to choose and which set will best suit your oven.

  • The 24" handle length will go well with the Alfa Moderno Portable and Alfa ONE/NANO.
  • The 36" handle length is recommended for the Alfa Ciao, Alfa 5 Minuti, Alfa 4 Pizze, Alfa Brio, and Alfa Stone M & L.
  • The 48" handle length for the Alfa Stone M, Alfa Stone L, and the Alfa Allegro.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
George C. (New York, US)
Great service

Bought a Alfa oven. Arrived in time, fully functioning snd now making great pizza.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave us this lovely review George! We are delighted to hear that your Alfa Ovens Pizza Peel Set is helping you make some fantastic food!

Dayle R. (Las Vegas, US)
Nice Peel Set

After getting the Pizza oven going I found I really need some specific tools to keep the Oven going properly. Having a couple of peels are a good idea if you plan on having Pizza party, the turner is great, and you will find a brush, scraper and shovel all very useful. It was much easier to use the oven with the proper equipment. Also being able to change the handle length is Awesome!.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave us this fantastic review Dayle! We love to hear that your Alfa Ovens Pizza Peel Set has been the perfect tool kit for you! The interchangeable handles on those kits are so convenient and useful!!


Ask a Question
  • Do you ship to Canada (Toronto, Ontario). Pam

    Hi Pam! Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our Alfa Peel Set to Canada

  • where are the pizza peels made

    Alfa's ovens and accessories are manufactured in Italy from the highest quality materials.

  • will the width of medium or the large peel fit in the moderno portable,

    It should. The Alfa Moderno Portable has a door opening of 14 inches.

  • Can you tell me how wide the pizza peel is? I can’t use anything wider than 12” to place and remove pizzas. Thx

    For the 36" length Peel Set will have a medium-sized peel: 10.8"
    For the 48" length Peel Set will have a large-sized peel: 12.6"

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