Necessories Grand Island Bar Grill Surround Kit


Color: Santa Fe

Give your grill the respect it deserves with a Grand Island Grill Surround

When you bought your home, did you have dreams of spending days and evenings on the patio barbecuing in your backyard? Make those dreams a reality with an outdoor living space! The Necessories™ Grand Island Grill Surround turns your ordinary grill into a unique bbq station.

A great addition to the Necessories™ 4' Grand Island, the Grand Island Grill Surround has a 60" opening and allows you to house your standing grill while offering counter space for cooking, displaying food, or prep. 

The Necessories™ Grand Island Grill Surround can be assembled in an afternoon, but still, have the polished look of a professional install. It comes with all the pieces and step-by-step instructions, and there is no cutting, guesswork or hassles involved.

The kit includes:

  • Everything you need to complete the project
  • WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get - if you like it in the picture, you're going to love it in your backyard!
  • Easy to follow instructions allows anyone to build, regardless of skill level
  • Most kits can be built by two people in an afternoon or less!
  • Pair with other Rockwood kits like the Necessories corner piece and the Grand Island Bar 4' section to create your entire outdoor kitchen space!

Necessories Grand Island Standard Features
  • Easy to read, step-by-step instructions
  • Rockwood’s multi-piece Lakeland/Riverland block
  • Silver Creek’s hand-chiseled limestone mantels and tops
  • Concrete precut and sized to fit
  • Steel reinforcements
  • VOC compliant adhesive
  • Gloves


Necessories Grand Island Surround Specifications

Necessories Grand Island Bar Surround Dimensions



  • 96" W x 48" D x 46" H
  • Fits 60" Freestanding Grill
  • 4" Footrail, 96" W x 18" Top Bar, 18" W x 30 Side Tops
  • 2.25" H Silver Creek Chiseled Edge Wet Cast Tops
  • Island Type: Straight
  • Material: Brick | Cut-Concrete | Super-Stik Mortar
  • Weight:
  • Build Time: 4 hours


*Build time assumes two people with limited skills and base work is completed prior to construction.

Grand Island Grill Surround Color Choices

Necessories kits feature Rockwood Retaining Walls’ multi-piece, tumbled Lakeland and Riverland wall systems. Their earthy color variations and aged appearance enhance the architectural style of any home. All kits are available in three color choices.

  • Three standard color choices: Bluestone, Sante Fe, Beechwood
  • Three-piece block system
  • Authentic drum tumbled
  • Wet cast, faux Indiana Limestone mantels, and tops with hand-chiseled edges

Necessories Outdoor Living Kit Colors

Necessories mantels, caps, and tops come from Silver Creek Stoneworks and look and feel like hand-chiseled natural stone. All caps and tops come in Indiana Limestone (gray) color.

The Grand Island Bar Series is modular, making it easy to design and build large kitchen and entertainment areas. Here are sample configurations below:

Installation Video

Watch this time-lapse installation to see how quickly and easily two DIYers installed the Grand Island Bar Corner Section, another of Necessorie's DIY kits.  All the kits come complete with cut, pre-formed bricks, as well as Super-Stik mortar for a simpler assembly;  at less than 1.5 hours, it's the perfect afternoon project!


Suggested Materials and Tools:


  • Gravel Base
  • Shovel
  • Rubber Hammer
  • Level
  • 29 oz. Glue Gun
  • Stiff Brush
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves (Included)
  • Plate Compactor/ Hand Tamper


Rockwood Retaining Walls Authorized Dealer

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jennifer R. (Kings Mountain, US)
Rockin'R Cement Pond fireplace

Beautiful fireplace! Easy kit to put together. Puts the final oomph in our oasis. Thank you for such a beautiful work of productive art!

Your Compact Fireplace Kit by Necessories looks fantastic Jennifer! We are so happy to see you've got it put together and are staying warm by a cozy fire! Please do not ever hesitate to reach out if there is ever anything else we can help you with! :-)

J.B. (Marlton, US)
Not as easy as they make it out to be....

Necessories Colonial Fireplace & woodboxes: I'm not handy but have a family friend who is overly skilled professional in carpentry, welding, concrete work, etc. Thankfully he was able to help with this project. The time lapse videos on assembly are deceiving.

Ordering – P&P are fantastic with their customer service & priced competitively. The original order was for the colonial fireplace and instead of the usual fireplace fireboxes that are compatible with it, we wanted the matching woodbox cabinet kit which supports more weight on top (it's free standing - standard fireboxes need the fireplace to support the lid of the firebox – see pic). They incorrectly sent the fireboxes. That would be fine if we hadn't already assembled the fireplace first (as instructed). You have to assemble a specific brick on each side of the fireplace to face out (see pic) if you're using the matching fireboxes. Wasted days finding a solution; used a hammer drill into the brick and placed a metal "pin" into the brick to support the top.

Prep – We didn't have room for it on our patio so we decided to pour a concrete pad ahead of delivery. Using our construction friend's help, we assumed a 4" deep pad and we gave it about 2" extra in perimeter to be safe but directions state 4” (see pic) so heads up.

Delivery - brutal. Scheduling was fine but driver (only one person) calls me about 20 min away - "is there anyone who's going to be able to help me unload this”? I guess that’s now me. Who sends one guy to unload 8K lbs of stone? He has a small moving truck with a liftgate. When he went to move the first pallet, the lift gate was smaller than the pallet. Now he's shoving the pallet jack (with stone on pallet) while I'm asked to steady the steering from the ground with 2K lbs of stone, 6' over my head, on to the liftgate till the end of the pallet jack slides off (my) edge (hanging off liftgate in the air); hoping he has enough clearance to lower the gate to the ground. It wasn’t, and it caused the pallet to bounce and drop onto the liftgate on the way down (about 2' drop each time). Several stones had chunks/imperfections and unless you plan on unwrapping and inspecting each stone while he waits (which is impossible) you have to sign and accept and see what damage has occurred later.

Unpacking - You have to scrub the dust off each stone before adding your adhesive to build it - I bought a wire brush that attached to my reciprocating saw to help speed this up. The color variation was minimal vs the way it looks in the pic (beachwood color); If you want pristine, colorful pavers, I wouldn't go with this.

Process - started with the fireplace per the instructions. Be sure to constantly check to see if you're level. They provide plastic shims which are fine for parts farther away from the fire. Once we reached the opening of the fireplace (where the fire sits), it wasn't level at all in the front/right above the opening - where the decorative gray middle "top" goes. I didn't realize the smooth/polished side of the hearth, middle "top" and tops of the fireboxes are supposed to be facing smooth end up. We put the rough side up as it seemed to match better. There is a large, heavy metal angle that comes in the shipment as it supports the top of the opening of the fireplace (where fire sits, across the opening); not rust resistant so time will tell if stains will drip on the stone and it's longevity. It’s unlevel again right above the fireplace opening and where the gray middle top sits. Plastic shims may melt so off to a box store (rhymes with moes) and buy a couple of flat steel pieces. Our friend has a special electric saw/blade that cuts metal. We made homemade metal shims to level out the middle part. The bricks are not perfectly smooth so you're going to have issues with leveling. We then completed the special firebrick interior - tricky part because you have about a 1" space that remains per instructions, in the back between the outside wall of the fireplace and the firebrick. We eventually finished and moved on to the fireboxes. The firebox tops sit against the fireplace wall (see pic). The tops are really heavy as it's one piece. It was a struggle for 2 people and definitely better with 3 people. There are natural gaps along the side of the top where it meets the fireplace wall; we are caulking it with outdoor caulk for brick to help prevent leakage on to wood.

Used it the other night with no issues but this was exhausting. If you are doing this for the first time as a novice consumer, you learn (the hard way) from it. You may not find anything cheaper for a decent paver fireplace. P&P are great to work with so this product is of no reflection of their customer service but just know it wasn't done in 2 hours like the time lapse implies (hilarious).

If you go with gas log (we didn't) per necessaries, you drill into the back of the brick once assembled for the gas line.

Damon B. (Elgin, US)
Simply Perfect

My wife and I were at a garden center and saw a outdoor pizza oven that we really liked... but not the price .... so I did a little research and stumbled upon this place.... ended up getting the Victorian DIY with hearth and Wood box .... and the next day we bought a Lisbon Wood fire pizza oven and stand as well ... eveything for basically what just that oven we saw cost at the outdoor store.

So the good: Price and overall look.... could not go wrong wrong with our choices, instructions were very simple and easy to follow as well.

The bad: well I’m pushing 50 and a bit beat up from 25 years active army ... it is not a simple 2 hour job ... took me a lot longer to do than I’d like to admit (granted that’s playing with it after work).

I’d also like to say the Customer Service was outstanding as well. ... and a added bonus ... the pallets make great kindling

Wow! Awesome job of assembling your outdoor paradise, Damon! The Victorian Fireplace Kit by Necessories is a stunning addition to any home and you have truly done it justice! It was a pleasure assisting you with your purchase - customers like yourself are why we do what we do! Thanks for taking the time to leave such an excellent review!

Randall F. (Charlottesville, US)
Beautiful fireplace, we love it!

I ordered this to be shipped to my work. So I could bring it home on my trailer instead of getting dropped off at the "curb" for me that is over 500' from my house. Showed up w/o warning, luckily our shipping guy is a bud so he took care of it for me. Two pallets 2400 pounds each. That was the only glitch is the whole process.
Some hints on the build
Before you start un stack the pallets, separate the blocks in each size. Pay attention to any that may he bigger chips or ones that are very nice, this is a lot of work but will save a lot of time when you start building. Saves a lot of time when you get rolling if all you have to do is grab blocks from a stack. Also there are slip sheets between the mantel They are nice to stack blocks on your deck to protect the surface. I used more glue than sent. Two extra tubes of glue for the fire bricks and 5 extra 8 oz tubes for the block. Also I would recommend planning on a couple of days to do the build, let the glue have set up time this will stop blocks fro shifting when building layers. Very important when placing the mantel and the top caps. I did the whole thing alone over 3 days, total of about 20 hours.
The instructions at first look like They are lacking information which are, but after you get rolling they work pretty well. Make an extra copy so if one gets damaged on the job you have an extra set.
I had heard that these units do not draw well, ours is perfect. Draws so well that you can see ashes pull toward the rear during a fire.
We know this fireplace will last use for years Pizza and Patio was great to work with and offered the best price we found. This has been a great experience.

Thank you, Randall, for the wonderfully detailed review and rating, gorgeous pictures, and above all, for being such an excellent customer! The Colonial Fireplace Kit by Necessories is a stunningly beautiful fireplace and you have definitely done it justice! You have truly done a beautiful job of building your outdoor retreat and we hope you have years of enjoyment ahead! It was a pleasure to assist you in making this happen! Enjoy!

Mary M. (Northfield, US)
Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Product

I ordered the Victorian Fireplace, Wood box and Hearth. The fireplace was delivered a week and a half later, even during Coronavirus social distancing. At first, I was not sure that we could build this fireplace, but true to the instructions, it was like putting together a 3D puzzle with step by step directions. We did get quite the workout lifting all of the stones. It turned out fantastic. We did have the wrong hearth shipped, which we did not realize until the build was almost complete. That is where the excellent customer service comes in. Both Pam and Janelle were very responsive, and made it right. Thank you for your assistance throughout the purchase.

Thank you very much for the amazing review Mary! We really appreciate it, thanks for sending picture too. That looks great!! If you need anything else in the future, just let us know. We are always happy to assist!

Doug M. (Raleigh, US)
Great product and service

Really enjoyed working with Patio and Pizza Outdoor Furnishings. They answered all my questions promptly and helped with great advice. Very happy with my purchase.

Thank you for the 5-star review Doug! We are happy that you had a great experience purchasing with us!

Brian R. (Fort Worth, US)
Great products, Great service.

After purchasing the grill island kit, that I love so much, I decided to purchase the matching fireplace kit. As usual the order arrived quickly and the order process was seamless. If you are looking to make improvements to your yard, Patio and Pizza has options for everyone.

Thank you so much Brian for the wonderful review and for trusting Patio&Pizza as always. We really appreciate it. If you need anything else just let us know. :)


Ask a Question
  • Can this be combined with another product to increase the size of the counter space?

    Yes, most definitely!  The Necessories Grill Surround Island is part of a collection called the Grand Island collection.  So, the other items in that collection will match the block and top of the grill surround. The most popular kit would be the 4' Grand Island Section as it gives an additional four feet of countertop space.  You can find all the options here on the DIY Kit Island Collection Page.