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Size: 12"

Stainless Steel Chimney Extension

This single-wall stainless steel chimney is custom made at 5.5" diameter to fit all of the brick wood fire pizza ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens (Brazza, Pizzaioli, Lisboa, and the Famosi)

A chimney isn’t functionally required for a pizza oven, but chimneys direct the smoke up and away from you and your cooking area.  

Multiple chimney pipe extensions can be connected together to create a longer chimney.  

Chimney Features

  • Material: Stainless steel (can be painted with high-heat paint)
  • Product Type: Chimney for Portuguese wood-fired oven
  • Outdoor Use:  Yes
  • Heat Resistant: Yes
  • Sizes available:
    • 38" long x 5.5" wide
    • 12" long x 5.5" wide 

Pre-order a chimney extension for your Authentic Pizza Oven brick oven today!

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Tim C.

Chimney for Brick Ovens | Stainless Steel | Authentic Pizza Ovens


Ask a Question
  • It came with the cap?

    No, this product listing is only for the chimney pipe extension. You can either purchase the cap separately or we sell it as a set.

  • Can the chimney be easily removed and reinstalled so the cover can be installed when not in use?

    Yes, the chimney just has a tight fit so to remove it you simply twist and pull the chimney up and off the flue. Then, you put the cover over the oven.  We often put our chimney inside the oven when not in use.

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