Brick Wood Pizza Ovens

Are you backyard chef wanting to make the most authentic pizzas in the neighborhood?

The most traditional oven is a brick oven. Every day of your life, you can experience the beauty and simplicity of brick-oven cooking. The heat retention of a brick pizza oven allows you to stoke a roaring fire, bring the oven up to temperature, and then focus on cooking. Brick ovens retain heat better so the temperature is more consistent and this results in an evenly cooked product.

The intense heat from the burning wood also imparts a smoky flavor that many people love. A refractory oven's flexibility is better for slow cooking since it can maintain a lower temperature for longer, allowing you to prepare genuine wood-fired dishes that need a slow bake. Bread can be baked perfectly in a brick wood-fired oven with the consistent lower heat retention.

A brick oven's cooking area typically accommodates 2-4 12-inch pizza pies depending on the size of the oven.

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