Necessories Kitchen Trash or Drawer Cabinet Kit


Cabinet Type: Trash Receptacle
Rock Color: Bluestone
Granite Color: Black Pearl

Necessories Trash or Double Drawer Cabinet Kit

Keep your outdoor kitchen uncluttered with the Necessories Kitchen Cabinet.  It can be configured as a double-drawer cabinet or a trash receptacle cabinet.

The Necessories Drawer/Trash Cabinet kit is part of a collection of functional granite-topped cabinets for patio pizza parties and entertaining.

The Kitchen cabinets feature 3cm high-grade granite countertops that come in two very popular colors: Viscon White & Black Pearl.

The Kitchen cabinets are made from multi-piece, tumbled Lakeland wall block which comes in three unique colors.

Convenient Standard Features

Easy to build • The Kitchen is a series of individual kits that come complete with everything needed to build, including precut block and granite tops sized to fit, reinforcements, adhesive, and easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. Depending on the complexity, most Kitchens can be built in a day or two.

Affordable luxury • Necessories Kitchens are beautiful and functional, they turn backyards into attractive and enjoyable outdoor living spaces. These cabinets come ready-to-assemble making them easier to install and more affordable than typical masonry structures.

Expand it at anytime • Build your Kitchen all at once or add new features over time. Because of their modularity, expanding your outdoor cooking and entertaining space is easy to do at any time.

Earthy colors • The Kitchen features Rockwood Retaining Walls’ multi-piece, tumbled Lakeland wall block. Its linear design and aged appearance fit well in homes of any style or decor. 

Drawer/Trash Kit Specifications

Two Drawer Cabinet Kit Dimensions


Two Drawer Cabinet
  • 32" W x 28" D x 37" H
  • Double Drawer
  • Enclosed stainless steel drawers
  • Choice of granite/cabinet colors
  • Weight: 1,985
  • Build Time: 5 hours
Trash Cabinet Kit Dimensions


Trash Cabinet
  • 28" W x 28" D x 37" H
  • Trash
  • #304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Accommodates 12 gal. trash
  • Easy-glide drawer
  • Choice of granite/cabinet colors
  • Weight: 1,110 lbs
  • Build Time: 3 hours
*Build time assumes 2 people with limited skills and base work is completed prior to construction.
Necessories Kits sales are final and cannot be returned due to the manufacturer’s policy

Kitchen Kitchen Trash or Drawer Cabinet Kit Features
  • Easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions
  • Rockwood's multi-piece tumbled Lakeland block
  • Premium Stainless Steel grills and components
  • High-grade 3cm granite tops
  • Concrete precut and reinforcements sized to fit
  • VOC Compliant adhesive and gloves

Necessories Kitchen Trash or Drawer Cabinet Kit Color Options

Beautiful Granite Tops:

Granite is an igneous rock formed billions of years ago when magma cooled deep beneath the Earth's crust. Nearly as durable as diamond, granite owes its density and hardness to its origins - solidified under extreme pressure deep within the Earth.

Granite is as durable as it is beautiful; it's not affected by extremes in temperature and under normal conditions and resists etching by knives, household acids, and kitchenware. Besides its beauty, granite is...

  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Cleans without difficulty
  • Sanitary - when sealed, granite does not harbor bacteria
  • Highly resistant to burning or charring from hot pans, appliances, utensils, etc.

Rockwood Lakeland Block:

Necessories kits feature Rockwood Retaining Walls' multi-piece, tumbled Lakeland wall block. Its linear design and aged appearance fit well in landscapes of any style or color! All kits are available in three color choices:

  • Beechwood - Sandstone/Blush/Brown
  • Bluestone - Gray/Brown/Charcoal
  • Santa Fe - Gray/Sandstone/Brown

Each Kitchen kit comes with everything needed to build, including stainless components, pre-cut block, steel reinforcements, construction gloves, adhesive, and step-by-step instructions.

Before planning your Kitchen project, check with your local zoning commission for building restrictions and required construction permits.

View the full Kitchen Collection Catalog here.

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