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Fire Torch - Vent


Choose a Torch Base: Original TOP Torch

The Outdoor Plus Vent Fire Torch 

Enhance your pool experience and landscaping design with our High-Quality TOP Torches.

All TOP Torches are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. This protects them from the constant heating & cooling down which can break down other metals. Stainless Steel also prevents corrosion which can be caused by the natural elements. All are proudly made in the USA.

Torches are for outdoor use only and should not be used during rain. Available in match-lit ignition options only.

What's Included:

 ✓  Torch Head
 ✓  Torch Head Base: Original TOP or TopLite

Key Specification

  • Base/Mount: Choose between the Original TOP Torch Base or Top-Lite Torch Base 
Original TOP Torches
TOP-Lite Torches

- Built-in Needle valve for precise flame adjustment
- Torches can be fitted onto any 2 1/2″ posts with hex bolts
- 3/8″ flared gas inlet connection


TOP Torch Base

- Designed for easy installation.
- 1/2″ Gas inlet
- Torches can be fitted to any 1/2″ gas pipe with threading.

TopLite Torch Base
  • Torch Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Height: 14"
  • Diameter: 3 3/4"
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • BTU: 20,000

    Fire Torch Accessories

    TopLite Torch Stand


    TopLite Torch Stand
    (Choose between Natural Gas or Liquid Propane)

    ‣ Natural Gas (OPT-TSTNDNG): Includes SS Whistle Free Hose
    ‣ Liquid Propane (OPT-TSTNDLP): Includes LP Regulator
    ‣ Powder Coated Steel
    ‣ Footprint: 18" x 18"
    ‣ Torch to Torch Distance: 36"
    ‣ Gas Connection: 1/2"
    ‣ Tank Cover not included

    Torch Column Post


    TOP Torch Column Mount

    ‣ OPT-TTCM
    ‣ ONLY Compatible with TOP Torches
    ‣ Not Compatible with TopLite Torches
    ‣ Material: Steel
    ‣ Finish: Black Powder Coat
    ‣ Length/Width: 8"
    ‣ Height: 8"

    In-Ground Torch Post



    In-Ground Post for TOP Torches

    ‣ OPT-TTBP
    ‣ ONLY Compatible with TOP Torches
    ‣ Not Compatible with TopLite Torches
    ‣ Powder Coated Steel
    ‣ Diameter: 2 1/2"
    ‣ Height: 80"
    ‣ 16" Anchor Post
    ‣ 68" Post

    Torch Deck Post

    Deck Post Mount

    ‣ OPT-TTDP
    ‣ Compatible with In-Ground Post only (above)
    ‣ Designed to aid in mounting the post on any hard surface (Wood, Concrete, etc.)
    ‣ Black Powder Coated Steel
    ‣ Opening: 2 5/8"
    ‣ This post is sold separately

    Propane Tank Cover


    Propane Tank Cover

    ‣ Black Canvas Cover
    ‣ For standard 20lbs LP Tank


    TOP Torch & Post Complete Kit

    The TOP Torch & Post Kit comes with all components needed to install and operate a single TOP Torch. With this kit, there is no need to order the components à la carte! The kit is only available for the Original TOP Torch Base.

    What's included:

     Liquid Propane Kit
    Natural Gas Kit
    • Torch Head
    • In-Ground Post
    • Anchoring Post
    • LP Regulator (8')
    • Deck Post
    Liquid Propane Complete Kit
    • Torch Head
    • In-Ground Post
    • Anchoring Post
    • SS Whistle Free Hose (1/2")
    • Deck Post
    Natural Gas Complete Kit


    Fire Torch Catalog
    Fire Torch Installation Manual

    Fire Torch Installation oManual

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