HOT BOX Cooking Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens



HOT BOX Kiln-Dried Oak Cooking Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens

Hot Box Cooking Wood has premium kiln-dried oak firewood that lights easily and burns hot with little smoke. Best of all? It’s mini-cut to cook over 20 pizzas in the most popular portable pizza ovens.

Firewood bundles from the grocery store work for campfires but not for wood-fired pizza. The small openings on portable pizza ovens like the Ooni Pro, Ooni Karu, DelivitaBertello, and Gozney Roccbox demand small wood. So, why keep trying to cram a large peg into a small hole?

That’s why we cut our kiln-dried oak to six inches. The tiny size is optimal for tiny ovens! It fits easily in the small openings and burns extremely hot for the best wood-fired pizzas possible.

Benefits of Kiln-Dried Pizza Oven Wood

What makes our kiln-dried cooking wood for pizza ovens so good? You’ll love the warm glow of these killer perks:

HOTBOX Cooking Wood Benefits


 So What Makes Kiln-Dried Oak Cooking Wood Different?

✔︎ Better Performance

Kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of below 20%, making it optimal for burning. This translates to easier ignition and hotter burns than regular firewood.

✔︎ Delicious Taste

When it comes to choosing kiln-dried hardwood for pizza ovens, you can’t go wrong with oak. The wood will give your pizzas a mouthwatering smoky flavor.

✔︎ No Bugs, Mold or Fungus

Kiln-drying kills invasive pests and fungi that can harm forests, such as the gypsy moth and oak wilt. So, the wood is always safe to transport and use at home.

What comes in your box?

Each box will contain about 350 cubic inches of kiln-dried wood. That's enough to make 20 delicious wood-fired pizzas! Each thin piece of wood is cut to six inches in length, making it extremely easy to slide into the mouth of your tiny oven.

The kiln-dried wood is also simple to ignite and burns incredibly hot. Because of this, it only takes six pieces of wood to heat your oven to 750-900 degrees. By adding one piece per minute, you’ll ensure a consistent heat perfect for a 60-second wood-fired pizza.

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