Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas

📦 Weight: 33lbs

🚚 Typically leaves warehouse in 5-7 Business Days

Don't let the cold keep you inside this winter, get a Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heater today!

Looking for a way to keep your patio or deck comfortably warm? Look no further than our Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heater! The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater is a top-of-the-line product that features a durable, soft-flowing curved fascia and engineered body that produces formidable heat to create a truly comfortable outdoor space.

The easy-to-use pivot arm lets you direct the heat where you need it, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. Plus, the complimentary wall mounting bracket makes it easy to set up your new heater. For even more versatility, ceiling poles, deflectors, and controllers can be purchased as additional accessories. With a range of accessories available, you can customize your Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heater to fit your needs.

This gas heater also comes with an on/off controller only. If you want to switch the heater on or off from a certain distance, we recommend adding the Bromic On/Off Controller with Wireless Remote which can be purchased separately. Alternatively, the heater can also be controlled via a standard wall switch.

Please note that you can not control the heat output of the gas heater. This is only possible on our Bromic Electric heaters by using a dimmer controller.



  • Product Width: 19.3"
  • Product Depth: 14"
  • Product Depth (with Heat Deflector): 19.6"
  • Product Height: 10"
  • Product Height (with Heat Deflector): 13.2"
  • Overall Height: 15.9"
  • Product Weight: 33 lbs
  • Color Options: Black
  • Heat Area: 160 ft2
  • Fuel Type:
    • Natural Gas (BH0210001-1)
    • LPG (BH0210002-1)
    500 SERIES


  • Product Width: 25.4"
  • Product Depth: 14"
  • Product Depth (with Heat Deflector): 19.6"
  • Product Height: 10"
  • Product Height (with Heat Deflector): 13.2"
  • Overall Height: 15.9"
  • Product Weight: 44 lbs
  • Color Options: Black
  • Heat Area: 215 ft2
  • Fuel Type:
    • Natural Gas (BH0210003-1)
    • LPG (BH0210004-1)

    Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater Features
  • Superior wind resistance - 8mph.
  • All black finish.
  • Pierced stainless steel "grate" front.
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • BTUs:
    • 300 Series: 26,000 BTUs
    • 500 Series: 43,000 BTUs
  • Electronic ignition - requires 110VAC outlet.
  • On/off operation.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting options
  • Unit includes wall mount bracket assembly.
  • Pole kit required for ceiling mount - sold separately

    Standard Benefits
    • Make your space feel warm and inviting
    • Keep your space comfortable all year round
    • Stay safe with a built-in safety switch


    Recommended Controls and Accessories

    Gas Mounting Options:

  • Wall Mounted (Wall Mounting Bracket):
    • Each of our Bromic Tungsten Gas and Platinum Gas heaters is delivered with a complimentary wall mounting bracket so that the heaters can be easily mounted on walls or structures. Please consult our installation guides to determine the exact height your heaters need to be installed at.

  • Ceiling Mounted (Mounting Poles):
    • Bromic Gas Mounting Poles ensure that your gas heater will be suspended at just the right height (between 8′ and 9′), so it delivers the optimum amount of heat. Suitable for both our Tungsten and Platinum Gas Collections, the poles come in six different sizes to suit a variety of ceiling heights.


    Control Options:


      On/Off Controller

      Bromic Heating independent ‘On/Off’ controller with wireless 4-Channel Remote can control up to two electric or four gas heaters across two separate circuits from up to 100 FT away. The wireless remote is fully portable or can be easily mounted with the included double-sided adhesive/screws.


      Smart-Heat Link Home Automation

      Pair Bromic’s heating control options with the Bromic SmartHeat Link to create seamless communication between Bromic outdoor heaters and your smart home controls technology. The Bromic Smart-Heat Link requires an RS232 port and is compatible with the leading home automation systems on the market, such as Control 4, and Crestron. Lutron, Nomad, and many more!



    Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas

    Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater Dimension Guide

    Installation/User Manual 

    Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater User Manual

    Installation must be carried out by a licensed and authorized technician in accordance with local building codes. Please refer to our clearance requirements and consult the installation manual for further details.

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    Ask a Question
    • Could this be installed indoors, assuming all clearances are met?

      No. All Bromic Gas Heaters are intended for outdoor use. In a four sided area of installation, at least 25% of the wall area must be open, and 30% of the remaining walls must be open.

    • Is the output of the heater adjustable?

      Our gas heaters are on/off only. If you're looking for a dimmable option, then we would recommend our Bromic electric heaters, which allow for more precise control over the heat output.

    • How soon can i receive it?

      As of writing (11/30), the 300 series is currently out of stock and we have no definite date as to when this becomes available. The 500 series is in stock and ready to ship. Shipping will take no longer than a week.

    • Are these heaters supposed to flam up at times like fire coming out of them

      These heaters wont have flames coming out of them.