32" Pizza Bubble Popper


Pop a bubble or turn your pizza with this handy 32" aluminum tool

A pizza bubble popper got its name because it’s made to pop bubbles on your pizzas.  But, lots of people actually like their bubbles and instead use this very handy tool to turn their pizzas.    

Our ovens reach temperatures over 800 degrees and this bubble popper is designed to fit into our wood fired pizza ovens so you don’t burn your hands.  After about 60 seconds of pizza cooking, you can use the popper to reach into the oven, stab the far side of the pizza, and rotate it 180 degrees.  Your pizza is turned easily and the crust on the other side of the pizza pie can crisp nicely.

  • Each bubble popper has a 39" long wooden handle that’s easy to hold. It’s also non-conductive, making it cool to the touch.
  • At the end of each pizza bubble popper, there’s an aluminum prong with two sharp teeth made to pierce dough/ bubble.
Watch the Pizza Turner in action:

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James F.
Pizza oven Turner and bubble popper

Awesome stuff. It's great that I only need to go to one place to find quality pizza oven equipment.
Thank you!

Thank you for making us your one stop shop James! If you need anything else in the future, we are always happy to assist!


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