Chicago Brick Oven 750 Gas and Wood Oven w/Stand


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas/Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (3) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 1051lbs

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Gas Type: Natural Gas (NG)
Color: Copper Vein

CBO-750 Gas/Wood Pizza Oven with Stand

Are you looking for the best outdoor gas pizza oven that can give your pizza the wood-fired flavor and experience?  The Chicago Brick Oven Hybrid Stand Gas Oven CBO-750 is an amazing wood/gas pizza oven that is perfect for preparing your favorite pizza (and lots of other culinary delights) in no time.

Manufactured in the USA by Chicago Brick Oven, the Hybrid Stand Gas Fired Pizza Oven (CBO-750) is an efficient, dual-fuel, high-performance oven that conveniently and superbly prepares your favorite foods.  Some of the incredible features and benefits of this gas-fired pizza oven include:

Dual Fuel Capabilities

One of the fantastic features of the Chicago Brick Oven Hybrid Stand Gas Oven CBO-750 is its dual-fuel cooking capabilities. The pizza oven can be fired up using gas or smoky wood. It also features a two-burner gas system.

An infrared burner can be found under the hearth, while an ambient burner is located at the hearth’s back. For higher temperatures and smoky wood-fired flavor, you can add wood at the side or back of the oven. Above all, this pizza oven features a visually enticing and eye-catching CBO Flame Roll.

Best Outdoor Gas Oven

Image compliments of Eddie Conner

Faster Heating Plate Burner

In addition, this best outdoor gas pizza oven features a 36,000 BTU hearth plate infrared burner. The plate burner allows the floor of the pizza oven to heat up quicker compared to any other oven. Hence, you can prepare your favorite pizza faster.

The Infra-Red Burner below the hearth is thermostatically controlled.  This means that if you add wood causing the floor to get hotter, the burner will cut off when the floor temperature reaches 650°F as its no longer needed.  If the floor cools under 650°F, the burner will come back on.  This gives you a base of heat that you can always count on even if the wood temperature cools. 

Large Cooking Space

Furthermore, the Chicago Brick Oven Hybrid Stand Gas Oven CBO-750 comes with a large cooking space that can handle up to 60 pizzas per hour. As you can see, a larger cooking space only means more pizza for everyone! 


Furthermore, the Hybrid Stand Gas Oven CBO-750 is versatile. It remains one of the best outdoor pizza ovens designed to use both gas and wood, irrespective of your cooking style – convection, conduction cooking, and radiant heat.  Using gas only, the oven will maintain temperatures at 650°F and attain temperatures as high as 1000°F when adding wood.

The CBO-750 Gas Pizza Oven comes in three flavors so one is sure to be perfect for you!  The CBO-750 comes as the  CBO-750 DIY Gas Oven Kit, the CBO-750 Gas Countertop model, or the CBO-750 pre-fabricated oven on a stand.

Outstanding Wood-Fired Flavor

Preparing your pizza or cooking with a conventional oven or grill will only give you the traditional pizza flavor. However, with a brick wood-fired pizza oven, you are guaranteed to get a pizza that tastes better and also has an outstanding, unique flavor. 

Hence, it is perfect to generate both high and even temperatures to prepare anything including flaky pizza crusts, roasted vegetables, grilled meats, bubbling cheeses, and so forth. The oven is also suitable for both commercial and residential use and will seamlessly fit into your restaurant or backyard patio.

Highly Durable

Finally, this remains the best outdoor gas pizza oven that offers strength, durability, and longevity. The pizza oven is manufactured using superior quality, industry-standard high temp refractory cement, and stainless steel fibers. This makes the gas-fired pizza oven very strong, durable, and able to withstand extreme conditions. Thus, your pizza oven will serve your pizza needs for years to come.

Pizza oven remains an essential item for pizza enthusiasts who will like to satisfy their appetites from time to time. The Chicago Brick Oven Hybrid Stand Gas Oven CBO-750 is highly safe, reliable, efficient, and durable. With this top-class brick wood-fired pizza oven, you can take your pizza experience to an entirely new level.

Take Your Pizza Experience to a Whole New Level with an Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven!

When you're busy but still want that wood-fired flavor and experience, look no further than the CBO-750 Hybrid Gas and Wood Burning Oven!

This isn’t just an oven - it is a gateway to a new type of cooking experience taking mealtimes and entertaining to a new level. 


CBO-750 Wood Burning and Gas Hybrid Oven Specifications

For quick heating, this new hybrid oven includes a two-burner gas system, with an infrared burner under the hearth and an ambient burner at the back of the hearth. You can also burn wood at the back or side of the oven to attain that smoky wood-fired flavor that makes Chicago Brick Ovens so famous.

  • Made entirely in the USA
  • Certified to UL Standards
  • 36,000 BTU infrared burner under the floor to heat your cooking surface!
  • The CBO Hybrid outdoor pizza oven provides 1,064 square inches of cooking surface which means you can easily cook (2-3) 12" pizza pies or multiple bread loaves at the same time.  
  • At that rate, you can handle 60 pizzas/hour which should satisfy even the hungriest of pizza lovers! 
  • Large cooking space (28" x 38") - handle 60 pizzas/hour
  • LP: Infrared Burner 36,000 BTU | Ambient Burner 18,000 BTU
  • NG: Infrared Burner 36,000 BTU | Ambient Burner 27,000 BTU

  • IMPORTANT Note: Please see the SPECS sheet below and, when ordering, make a note of the following:

    1. Commercial or Residential Installation
    2. Altitude of Install Site (over 2,000 ft requires custom gas orifices)

    The bottom switch on the CBO-750 Hybrid controller is for the Hearth Burner down below the hearth (thermostatically controlled) and the top switch is for the ambient burner up in the oven (on/off with the switch).

    CBO 750-Hybrid FAQ Sheet

    Chicago Gas Brick 750 Oven Hybrid Stand Specification Guide


    Chicago Gas Brick 750 Oven Hybrid Stand Residential User Manual


    Chicago Gas Brick 750 Oven Hybrid Stand Commercial User Manual

    CBO-750 Oven Features
    • Construction: State-of-the-art High Temp Refractory Cement Reinforced with Stainless Steel Fibers to ensure long-term strength and durability for years of use in all climates
    • Type: Pre-assembled one-piece oven and cart - custom-built for years of enjoyment
    • Fuel Type: Gas or Wood - the CBO Flame Roll is eye-catching and visually enticing!
    • Clearance to Combustibles: 10" to Sides | 18" to Ceiling | 30" from Door
    • Certification: NSF Rated | UL Listed - The CBO-750 Wood Burning Model Conforms to UL Subject 2162 & NSF/ANSI STD 4, Certified to ULC STD S627
    • Bonus Cooking Kit Included:  Pizza Peel, Brush, Heat Sensing Gun

    This outdoor wood fired pizza oven has a low, igloo-like design to create high temperatures and concentrated heat.

    Use either propane (LP), natural gas (NG), or wood to fire up your oven.   You must designate either LP or NG gas at the time of order as this oven is shipped from factory complete and cannot be retrofitted in the field.

    Don't hesitate - Add To Cart now to get your own Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid Gas Oven today!

    Chef Lee Chicago Brick Oven
    Not sure if a hybrid gas and wood-burning brick oven is right for you? Iron Chef Restaurateurs, Tim Love and Edward Lee, advocate the superior cooking performance of the CBO Pizza Ovens!

    “Cooking with wood fire adds an entire new vocabulary to my cuisine, one that is primal, instinctive and adventurous. With my Chicago Brick Oven, I can achieve this with a consistent heat source that I could not live without. It’s my favorite oven to cook with. The menu changes weekly but the CBO-750 is a mainstay!”

    - Chef Edward Lee
    Iron Chef America

    Benefits of a Chicago Brick Oven


    Chicago Brick Oven has a limited warranty that warrants their products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment.

    Local regulations about wood burning equipment should be consulted.

    Chicago Brick Oven Authorized Dealer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Scott T. (Monument, US)
    CBO 750 Portable

    Best customer service that I can remember! Pam made the experience painless and worked with me to answer every question while at the same time ensuring our purchase was the best for our family! We just received our wood so looking forward to building several small fires to cure the oven.

    Thank you Scott, for the five stars and kind words and also for allowing us to assist you in a decision which is going to bring you and your family many happy memories for years to come! We look forward to pictures once you’re all set up! Thanks again!

    Michael F. (Muskegon, US)
    Chicago 750 brick oven

    Great product and service. Delivered on day as scheduled. You will either need a small tractor or lots of help to move this oven.
    Having great fun experimenting with doughs and sauces...very happy with our purchase!

    Thanks for the 5-star review Michael and for sending over the picture. Your outdoor kitchen area looks fantastic! Anytime you want to share your favorite picture or recipe, send them our way! :-)

    Julie B.
    Delivered and set up safe and sound – it was a feat – but we got it!

    Delivered and set up safe and sound – it was a feat – but we got it! Chef Hubby on the far right “Body By Bacon” shirt! :-) WE LOVE THE OVEN, cured and already used it too…it is the best! Thank you again!

    Shane S.
    Loving this oven!

    Loving this oven! There is nothing better than a nice drink in hand and a pizza peel in the other! The cooking process is perfect when winding down from a long day! This is a great product!”

    Ted H.
    I think we've finally started to master the process with bread!

    I think we've finally started to master the process with bread! After talking with your company, I started misting the oven just before/after loading in the bread. That made a huge difference in crust development!

    Ted H.
    I think we've finally started to master the process with bread!

    I think we've finally started to master the process with bread! After talking with your company, I started misting the oven just before/after loading in the bread. That made a huge difference in crust development!

    Ted H.
    Mastered break-making!

    Mastered break-making! I think we finally started to master the process with bread! After talking with your company, I started misting the oven just before/after loading in the bread.That made a huge difference in crust development!


    Ask a Question
    • What's the heating time of stainless steel and brick ovens?

      Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times.  

    • What are the features of Chicago Brick Ovens?

      These ovens are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe indoor/outdoor installations. They have a proprietary low dome design and flue system which creates a dynamic Flame roll - not only does it look great but it generates temps as high as 1000 degrees for true wood-fired taste. You can purchase the base kit and then customize using your own design. We also have many celebrities using the CBO ovens such as Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, and Iron Chef Restaurateurs, Edward Lee and Tim Love.  

    • Can the CBO-750 hybrid model use gas and wood at the same time?

      Yes, the hybrid is a gas model but you can put small pieces of wood in it as well for the wood flavoring.  

    • What's the advantage of the Chicago Brick Oven hybrid model?

      The hybrid model uses both gas and wood. The main advantage of the hybrid is that you can turn it on and heat the oven quicker.

    • Where do the Chicago Brick Pizza ovens ship from?

      These ovens are manufactured and ship from Chicago.  

    • It says in description CBO750 wood burning is certified UL Subject 2162 & NSF/ANSI STD 4, Certified to ULC STD S627 So does that mean Gas oven is not?

      Great question.  For residential use, only the CBO-750 wood oven is certified but, for commercial use, the CBO-750 Hybrid is certified with both gas and wood.  We have other customers that use the Hybrid for commercial use.   Please contact us at if you’d like us to send you additional information!

    • Hi, can I use the hybrid commercial in a food trailer

      Yes, you can. Our blog How To Start A Food Truck covers everything you need to know to get started.

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