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Cazo Planter Bowl with Water - Concrete


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📦 Weight: 95lbs

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Size: 24-inch

Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl with Water

A concrete planter bowl is the perfect way to add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. The Outdoor Plus Cazo planter bowl takes it a step further; it not only provides a place to grow a variety of plants, but it also doubles as a water fountain. With its intricately detailed design and natural-looking material, the planter bowl elevates your garden or patio from ordinary to extraordinary.

There are a number of benefits to using a concrete planter bowl as a water fountain. First and foremost, this planter bowl provides an attractive and functional space for growing flowers or other plants. Additionally, a planter bowl that is also a water fountain offers the aesthetic appeal of a bubbling stream of water, creating an immersive and soothing experience for anyone who visits your garden or outdoor space.

Concrete has long been known for its durability and strength, making it the ideal material for planters that will be exposed to frequent use or harsh elements. And with so many different sizes and colors available, you can easily find the perfect planter bowl to suit your needs and preferences.

Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl with Water | Specifications

  ‣ 24", 31", 36", 48"
  ‣ 24-inch:  9"
  ‣ 31-inch:  10"
  ‣ 36-inch:  12"
  ‣ 48-inch:  16"
  ‣ 24-inch:  9"
  ‣ 31-inch:  10"
  ‣ 36-inch: 14"
  ‣ 48-inch:  20"
  ‣ 24":  65 lbs
  ‣ 31":  80 lbs
  ‣ 36":  95 lbs
  ‣ 48":  95 lbs
Soil Usage   
  ‣ 24":  1 ft 3
  ‣ 31":  2 ft 3
  ‣ 36":  3 fr 3
  ‣ 48":  1 ft 3
  ‣ 8"
  ‣ 7-10


Bowl Material: GFRC Concrete

Includes: Bowl, Copper Scupper (3/4 inlet)(3" Opening)

Soil and plants not included


Cazo Planter Bowl with Water
Specification Guide

24in Cazo Planter and Water Bowl Specification Guide





Cazo Planter Bowl with Water
Installation Manual

Cazo Planter and Water Bowl Installation Manual

The Outdoor Plus Solid Concrete Color Guide Swatch

Whether you are looking to add some extra beauty and functionality to your outdoor space, or simply have some trouble keeping those pesky weeds at bay, the Cazo Concrete Planter and Water Bowl is sure to be just what you need so order yours today!

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