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The Best Cooking Wood To Create Amazing Flavors!

If you love the aromatic effect wood has on your food then fruitwood is highly recommended and can greatly affect your meal.  The taste of a wood-fired meal is indescribable as it has a special taste that only comes from cooking outdoors using the best firewood.  

This 15-pound box of cooking from Alfa is the finest wood for that perfect combination of heat and durability.   There are 10-12 pieces of wood per box and each piece of wood is about a foot (12 inches). 

Alfa cooking wood for bbq and pizza ovens

The quality of this firewood makes it a great choice for oven wood-burning cooking and the log sizes are perfect for use in the pizza oven!

Choose which wood flavor you prefer:

  • Apple is an excellent choice for cold smoking cheese and meats.
  • Oak is typically used for ribs, lamb, and beef as it is the perfect complement to most meat seasonings.
  • Cherry is often used for beef, pork, and poultry. (Unfortunately, this flavor has been discontinued by the manufacturer)

Read this blog post on using the best wood for your oven or grill if you aren't sure why it will make a difference in achieving the status of the best wood-fired chef!

Customer Reviews

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Juanita B.
New customer review

As retired Navy, we appreciated the military discount and speedy delivery. As we look forward to completing our outdoor kitchen and using our pizza oven we are glad to have found a great source for equipment and supplies.

Thank you for the amazing review and for your service Juanita! We hope you truly enjoy your Alfa Cooking Wood and look forward to helping you with many purchases in the future!!

Robert D.
Alpha Cooking Wood

Reasonably priced and fast shipment ! Wood was the perfect size and cut. Will definitely be ordering again from P & P when the time comes.
Melbourne, Fl

Hey Bob, thank you so much for the wonderful 5 star review! Glad we could provide you with top notch pricing and shipping times! We're so happy to know that you've committed to being a returning customer! Means we're really doing something right, which we're always aiming to achieve. We absolutely love knowing that you were extremely satisfied with your Alpha cooking wood! Can't wait to hear from you again Bob! :-)

Gregory P.
Great service

Our order came right away!

Thank you for the excellent review, Gregory! It’s great to know that your order of Alfa Cooking Wood arrived in a timely manner and that you appreciated the service you received! It’s why we do what we do!

Elizabeth D.
Excellent wood!

I ordered wood for my pizza oven. It came sooner than expected and worked perfectly! This is my new go-to pizza oven wood supplier.

Thank you for the 5-star review Elizabeth! We are happy to hear that we are your go-to pizza oven wood supplier. :)

Sam w.
More great pizza

Customer support was great. Shipping is ontime and in great condition. Love my oven and would recommend it to my friends

Thank you for the 5-star review and your recommending us Sam! We really appreciate it.

Phil C.
Oak wood for pizza oven

Good service with fast shipping. Overall the wood is great but not enough of it to justify the cost.


Ask a Question
  • Just purchased the arena Maximus wood burning pizza oven. What wood is best to use. I thought I read oak was the best but can’t find the article. How about starter kindling wood. And so carry all woods

    The best woods for cooking are seasoned and dried hardwoods. Oak is one of those that give off a great additional smoky flavor. The article that discusses the Best Wood For Pizza Oven can be found here.

  • Can you use lump charcoal as a heat source in the Lisboa oven?

    We don’t recommend using charcoal as a heat source in our ovens. Charcoal contains accelerants and chemicals that can be detrimental to the oven, as well as they aren’t safe for consumption. 

    We suggest you use a hardwood like mesquite, apple, hickory, maple, etc, and ensure that it doesn’t contain accelerants or harsh chemicals of any kind. Accelerants and chemicals can also be difficult to manage when heating the oven, and could potentially cause damage to the oven itself. You should stack the wood in a tic-tac-toe fashion, at least 12-14” apart for optimum results. Remember, the fire heats the tiles and the tiles are what cooks the pizza through.

  • Do you sell smaller pieces for the ooni ovens?

    We now carry the HOT BOX Cooking Wood for Portable Ovens. These are a much smaller cut that is perfect for tiny, portable ovens like the Ooni. You may check it out here.

  • What is the width and height of each piece of wood?

    Each box of Alfa cooking wood contains 10-12 pieces of wood, each approximately 12" long and of various thicknesses.

  • I would like to know if you just have small boxes and if you do delivery to Miami

    We ship within the Contiguous US. The Alfa Cooking Wood box contains the average size wood for pizza ovens. It contains 10-12 pieces of wood per box. The smallest wood cut we have are for portable ovens like the Alfa Moderno Portable and the Ooni. You may check it out here.

  • How long will a box of wood last?

    It depends. Usually, you can start with about 4-5 small pieces of wood to get your fire going and your oven up to temperature. The Alfa box contains 10-12 pieces of wood, each about 12 inches long. 

    Depending on your oven's heat retention (ie, brick ovens hold heat better than stainless ovens) and how long you are cooking, you may only need to add a few other pieces of wood to maintain the temperature or you might need to continually add a piece of wood as necessary while you are cooking pizzas.  A box of wood should last for at least 2 firings.

    For additional information on wood to use for cooking, check out our blog post on the Best Wood For Your Pizza Oven.

  • What is length of each piece?

    Each piece of wood is about a foot (12 inches).  There are 10-12 pieces of wood per box.

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