Why Propane is the Preferred Choice for Outdoor Pizza Ovens and Cooking

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Experts agree that spending time outside is good for our health. The exposure to sunshine, in moderation, can help with the production of vitamin D in our skin. Fresh, unfiltered air can help clean out your lungs and regulate your heart rate. Simply being outside can be a significant boost to your mood, supporting better mental health. 

A common household task that often forces people inside is food preparation. Since the pantry, refrigerator, oven, and sink are also inside, it is more convenient to simply cook all our food in the kitchen. However, on a beautiful day, this means we are missing out on precious time outdoors. It becomes even worse if you are hosting an event in your backyard and you get stuck cooking inside all day, unable to interact with guests as much as you want to. 

The solution is outdoor cooking. Pizza ovens, grills, and full outdoor kitchens can get you outside more as you engage in food preparation, whether you are doing so just for yourself or for guests. Propane is one of the most popular fuel sources for outdoor cooking, so let’s break down why it is such a reliable resource for outdoor living. 

Clean Burning

Some of the other fuel choices include natural gas, wood, charcoal, and wood pellets. These sources can power a number of appliances, including pizza ovens, regular grills, and outdoor ovens. The problem with many of these fuel sources is that they release fumes or toxins into the atmosphere. If you are deciding between a gas and a wood pizza oven, those that rely on gas have a cleaner burn. Even propane burns cleaner and more efficiently than natural gas. By relying on propane, you will be putting less harmful emissions into the atmosphere, thus preserving the natural world that makes outdoor living so satisfying. 


Generating heat is the primary purpose of various fuel sources when cooking outdoors. Some sources are far better at creating heat quickly and maintaining it than others. For example, if you are burning wood for a pizza oven, it is going to take much longer to get the oven hot enough for cooking. However, with a supply of propane at your disposal, the heat builds up much faster, allowing you to consume fewer resources overall during the cook. This level of efficiency can also be used for your entire home instead of just for outdoor cooking. Many homeowners source and invest in large propane tanks for sale to provide for all their heating needs since this source is much more efficient and clean than natural gas. 

Easy Cleaning

When you have outdoor cooking equipment, you have to keep it clean. After each cook, debris, grease, and fuel emissions can make a mess of the pizza oven, grill, or outdoor oven. This is especially true if you burn wood to heat your appliances since there is a lot of ash, coals, and leftover wood at the end. Propane burns cleanly and leaves a smaller mess outside of debris from the food. This makes it easier to clean up your appliances after the fact. If you want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere during outdoor entertaining, then the last thing you need is to stress about a lengthy cleanup process when the event is over. Or, if you do insist on cleaning up right after cooking, at least you won’t be occupied for too long and miss out on time with your guests. 

Even Cooking

Outdoor cooking is a little more complex than it is with regular kitchen appliances. The main challenge is achieving an even cook.

With wood, this is far more difficult since different areas of the fire may provide different levels of heat. Additionally, the temperature can fluctuate dramatically as wood burns down and new wood gets added during the cook. 

Cooking with propane provides an even burn throughout the entire process, from the moment the starter is ignited to the moment the propane supply is cut off. The only changes occur in the overall heat of the cooking space, which can be reached quickly through preheating. An even cook makes it easier to cook foods that take a little longer to finish. 

Power Your Backyard Cooking With Propane

There are advantages and disadvantages to cooking outside with propane. It is generally a cheaper fuel supply than wood if you have to buy logs or pellets consistently. It has a cleaner burn to protect the environment and often results in an even cook.

However, burning wood for your pizza oven or charcoal for the grill does provide more of a smoky flavor that can enhance the food. However, if shorter prep times, easier cleanup, and cleaner burning are your priorities, then propane is the way to go for your outdoor cooking needs.