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SEDONA Plancha Grill & Fire pit/Cooker


Size: 32"
Color: CORTEN Weathering Steel

Cook breakfast in the morning and sit by fire in the evening with the SEDONA!

Looking for a unique way to cook your food and create an outdoor gathering space that will be the envy of your neighborhood? Look no further than the SEDONA Plancha Grill & Fire Pit/Cooker. This versatile cooking grill/griddle and fire pit combo provides the perfect solution for those who love to entertain outdoors. The SEDONA comes in two sizes (32" and 40") and in two finishes (Powder Coating Black and Weathering Steel), so you're sure to find the perfect match for your outdoor space.

The heavy-weight carbon steel cooktop is ideal for grilling or frying up your favorite foods, and can be removed to allow for more wood when used as a firepit.  Our stainless steel bistro top converts the SEDONA to a table when not in use. 

What we like about the SEDONA Plancha/Griddle

  • Perfect for group cooking while entertaining at restaurants, events, and backyard parties
  • This easy-to-use, all-in-one grill cooks like an indoor plancha, while providing the beauty of an open fire
  • All Parts MADE IN the USA and a completely unique build for the US market
  • The plancha is a great choice for quick and continuous sear for proteins and vegetables
  • 32” and 40” sized plancha grills built and tested (standard base height/ASPEN and shorter base height/SEDONA for fire pit/cooking)
  • Mild steel and stainless cooking top with Corten HEAVY construction
  • The inner ring is designed for high temp cooking while the outer square is for warming; plus it acts as a safety heat barrier for anyone that might come into contact with the outer surface
  • “Caramelize” cook @ 700+ degrees on the inner ring, offers unique taste profile; creates uniform sear on the food surface, developing a deeper, more flavorful crust and caramelizing juices
  • No need to move meat/veggies to a different spot on the surface since the temperature remains constant throughout the cooking surface
  • Meant to stay outside year-round, our square top design is completely unique to the US market
  • Double-bowl design: Inner fire bowl of stainless steel prevents the outer bowl from reaching scorching temps (safety)
  • Bowl is mechanically fastened to base for safety
  • The base features 4 adjustable feet to create a level cooking surface
  • Original manufacturing company founded in 1940 in Tulsa, OK and is still operational


✓ Double Wall Construction is Safer and Improves Airflow for Less Smoke
✓ Ash Dump Feature That Makes Cleanup a Breeze
✓ Controlled Airflow Via Adjustable Dampers
✓ Flat Top Cooking Surface for True Griddle Cooking
✓ Two-Part Cooking Surface Creates Two Heat Zones. One For Searing and One for Warming
✓ Made in the U.S.A.
✓ Can Be Used as a Fire Pit
✓ Optional Stainless Steel Bistro Top Converts Unit to Table When Not in Use


WEIGHT       179 lbs
DIMENSIONS       32 × 32 × 18.05 in

   Powder Coating (Black) **
   CORTEN Weathering Steel


SEDONA 32 Height   SEDONA 32 Size


WEIGHT       -
DIMENSIONS       40 × 40 × 17.78 in

   Powder Coating (Black) *
   CORTEN Weathering Steel


SEDONA 40 Height   SEDONA 40 Size



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