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Alfa Opera Commercial Oven

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  • BONUS Wood-Fired Recipe eBook!
  • Cook 150 Pizza Every Hour!
  • Perfect for Pizzerias and Restaurants!
  • UL Certified for Commercial Use

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The Alfa Opera Will Have Your Customers Singing Praises!

Your culinary skills will flourish with the forgiving, heat-retaining design of the Opera, yet be challenged by its invigorating array of possibilities for your restaurant. The Opera’s surprisingly lightweight, modern steel design makes it a perfect fit inside restaurant spaces that fuse traditional recipes with contemporary efficiency and style.

The work of a professional requires an oven built by professionals. The Opera is just that; a kitchen workhorse capable of astonishing production rates without sacrificing anything in the way of construction quality or the incomparable, artisan taste of wood-fired pizza.

What makes the Opera so great?

Best-in-class efficiency

In demanding environments full of hungry guests, large orders, and an already-busy kitchen, you’ll appreciate being able to churn out as many pizzas as you can. The Opera is here to fill your tables faster with a jaw-dropping ability to cook 150 pizzas an hour.

With capacity for 7 pizzas total, you can dedicate the Opera to baking delicious pies or use the extra space to give some side dishes that wood-fired twist your patrons know and love. The Opera was constructed by and for pizza experts with an emphasis on quality and expediency, without sacrificing either.

Customizable installation

The Opera can be delivered either in a wood-fired or gas-burning setup to perfectly meet the needs of your restaurant. You have a choice as to where it goes, too; either on a stylish metal base for a freestanding arrangement or as a countertop oven part of a larger workstation.

The choice is yours when ordering, providing you with the creative freedom you need to cook the food your guests want, in just the way you want.  The Opera isn’t limited to pizza, either; try using it to cook seafood, meat, bread, and anything else that might need the wood-fired touch!

Surprisingly fast heating

For an oven of its size, you might expect an arduous, grueling process when firing it up at opening time. On the contrary, the Opera only takes 40 minutes to reach its maximum operating temperature, letting you get the show on the road in no time. Its highly heat-retaining stainless steel construction means you don’t have to spend a fortune on fuel, nor babysit the oven to make sure it’s getting up to temperature.

  Alfa Opera Pizza Oven Specs

Oven Outer Dimensions 57"W x 59"D x 30"H
Cooking floor WxD (Wood) 47.6 x 39.7 in
Cooking floor WxD (Gas) 43.6 x 39.7 in
Cooking floor height 45 in
Heating time 40 minutes
Bread capacity 14 kg / 30.8 lbs
Pizza capacity 7
Pizzas every 60 minutes 150
Average consumption Wood 7.5 kg/h
Average consumption LPG 2.3 kg/h
Average consumption Methane (non-US) 3.1 m3/h
Maximum temperature 450°C
Chimney dimension Ø 25 cm / Ø 9.9 in
Weight 355 kg / 781 lbs
Weight (with optional base included) 95 kg / 209 lbs
Available colors  sideral green


Alfa Opera  Commercial  Wood Oven User Manual

 Alfa Opera Commercial Gas Oven User Manual


Alfa Opera Commercial Wood Oven Specification Guide

Alfa Opera  Commercial  Wood Oven Specification Guide

 Buy the Alfa Opera Commercial Oven today to fire up your business!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful, practical and easy to move

I was looking for a new wood-fired oven for the summer: beautiful, practical and easy to move. I got to watch a demonstration of the Opera oven and I am loving it. Now I can offer the much sought after “cooking show” to the customers, moving from time to time in the spotlight, and have seen the savings of wood (it consumes one third compared to the traditional oven) I decided to use it in the winter replacing the old refractory oven. The beauty is that not only the pizza maker uses it but the chef also likes to create new dishes.

Really satisfied with this product and its performances

At Authentica (my gourmet pizza parlour) I used an Alfa oven that has been retrofitted to cook pizza according to my needs. Since inaugurating it, a year ago, I have used the Alfa Quattro Pro oven and I’m really satisfied with this product and its performances.

Working really good

Hibiscus restaurant inside the luxury Tikal Futura in Ciudad de Guatemala choose our commercial pizza oven Quattro Pro top.

Pizza made even better

Trastevere, the heart of Rome, here is a El Munta a place where organic ingredients, flour selected and passion are melted and in the Opera oven become the real Italian Pizza. Pizzeria El-Munta – Trastevere – Roma

I look at this as a true outdoor oven

Though the name implies that this is a pizza oven, the Italian-made Alfa oven line does way more than produce pizza and calzones. I look at this as a true outdoor oven which would be the perfect vessel to make steaks, chicken or lamb in a cast-iron pan as well as turn out artisanal bread and desserts. The difference is that the Alfa burns wood which gives the food a natural smoked accent that elevates it to the next level. And unlike other wood burning pizza ovens, the Alfa does not take 1-2 hours to heat up, as its proprietary flue system combined with Italian refractory bricks lend to a quicker heat up. Note: Alfa also offers a hybrid gas/wood burning oven called the Stone oven for those who want the convenience of gas as well.

So simple and fun to use

So simple and fun to use, our family looks forward to using our oven every weekend! Achieve amazing results regardless of your cooking experience level.

The oven is working very good.

The oven is working very good, besides making pizza and calzone, I can make Panuozzo, I can bake Fish, I can use the oven as much as I can explore. Any way your oven pizza it’s very nice and also easy to clean it.

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