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Alfa Brio Gas/Wood Fired Pizza Oven (Patio Bundle)


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas/Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (2) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 268lbs

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Color: Antique Red

Just fire it up and eat pizza in 30 minutes!

Brio is the oven that heats up so quickly that you can eat your first pizza in 30 minutes! This gas pizza oven is truly fast as it heats up to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes! Why wait an hour or more to cook a delicious pizza? Start eating your perfectly cooked pizza in half the time of other ovens.

This oven was crafted with your outdoor kitchen in mind! With a depth of only 30 inches and a sleek wrap-around design, it will look perfect on your outdoor kitchen countertop or as a standalone oven on its dedicated base!

The Brio features triple-layer high-density ceramic fiber insulation, typically used in commercial pizza ovens.  This pizza oven has 30% more insulation than its competing products! This means you'll notice excellent heat retention while also keeping the external temperatures moderate.

Alfa’s R&D team has succeeded in producing an oven capable of retaining as much heat as possible by limiting heat loss after a careful study of the cooking chamber’s proportions and fluid flows protected by the Alfa Flue System™ patent; in this way, the heat is trapped for a long time inside the Alfa high-density fire bricks so that they reach the good temperature for an even cooking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Brio gas oven comes configured for LP. However, an NG conversion kit is included for installation by a certified technician if you decide to change to natural gas in the future.

Our Brio Bundle Includes:

Brio Wood/Gas Oven Specifications

  • External Width: 39.4"
  • External Depth: 28.1"
  • Oven Height: 22.5"
  • Oven Height with Chimney: 43.9"
  • Cooking Space: 27.5 W x 19.7 D
  • Door Width: 18.9"
  • Oven Weight: 215 lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas / Wood
  • Max Oven Temp: 500°C (1000°F)
  • Color Options: Antique Red, Fire Yellow

Antique Red and Fire Yellow Color Options For Alfa Brio

  • Chimney Length: 21.4"
  • Chimney Width: 5.9 ⌀ 
  • Heating Capacity: 71,000 BTU/hr
  • Heating time: 30 minutes
  • Pizza Capacity: (2-3) 12" Pizzas
  • Bread Capacity: 4.4 - 6.6 lbs
  • Recommended fuel: LPG
  • Average fuel consumption: 1.09 / 1.07 kg/h
  • Smoke temperature: 387°C / 728 °F
ALFA BRIO Gas Pizza Oven TOP Specification Guide
ALFA Brio User Guide

The Hybrid Kit for Alfa Gas Ovens
The Brio Gas Oven can also be used with wood!  Just attach the patented HYBRID KIT and you now have a wood-fired oven!

Just two simple steps to make the switch from gas to wood:

1.) Cover the Gas Burner on the left with the lid to protect it from the soot and the heat of the flame
2.) Use the Wood Holder to wedge the firewood and start the fire on the RIGHT side of the oven, which is the OPPOSITE side of the burner. This way the fire is on the opposite side of the oven burner and never on the burner lid.

Made of AISI 441 stainless steel, the hybrid kit has been specially designed to make the use of the gas-burning oven as easy as possible and to enjoy the pleasures of a wood fire.

You are getting:

Burner Lid (17 x 50 x 4 cm)
Wood Holder (37 × 20 cm)

Alfa Ovens 3-PC Pizza Peel Set
  • The Professional Pizza Peel (10.8")- The aluminum pizza peel is the perfect combination of technology, performance, and design. The Pizza Peel is perforated to get rid of the extra flour, just like professional chefs do. This is used to slide pizzas in and out of the oven; a flight of the wrist and there you are!
  • Stainless Steel Turner Peel (9") - You can use the round pizza peel to rotate pies in the oven. Never mind, with some practice, you will quickly become a pizza meister!
  • Brass Bristle Brush Peel (2" W x 6" L)- The brush comes with brass bristles for better cleaning without damaging the oven floor

    Custom Cover for the Alfa Brio

    Protect your investment with a cover made specifically for your pizza oven. These form-fitting oven covers are specially designed to protect the Alfa ovens from the elements when not in use.

    The cloth covers are made of an innovative material that is UV ray-resistant, waterproof, breathable (prevents condensation), thermal, resistant to bird droppings, resins, and sea salt, practical, and easy to handle.

    When not in use, it's always best to cover your pizza oven to keep it in perfect condition.

    This cover is custom-made for the Alfa Brio Gas/Wood Pizza Oven! It won't fade in the sun or crack in the cold.


    Box of Cooking Wood

    This 15-pound box of cooking from Alfa is the finest wood for that perfect combination of heat and durability. There are 10-12 pieces of wood per box and each piece of wood is about a foot (12 inches). Choose which wood flavor you prefer:

    • Apple is an excellent choice for cold-smoking cheese and meats.
    • Oak is typically used for ribs, lamb, and beef as it is the perfect complement to most meat seasonings.



    Watch the unboxing and set-up of the new Alfa Brio pizza oven

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