Tuscan Chef Pizza Ovens

Tuscan Chef Pizza Ovens Collection

Why do we love the Tuscan Chef brand? 


Want to enjoy wood-fired cooking without the mess?  The Tuscan Chef ovens are a great choice and here's why...

1.  Unique vertical design that uses separate chambers for the fire and oven but still allowing wood flavored smoke to enter the oven chamber for that traditional wood fired cooking experience
2.  Available on portable cart with locking wheels or for built-in applications.
3.  Built and engineered for durability, using the highest quality materials heavy 6mm (1/4”) welded steel and stainless steel construction.
4.  Offers an affordable alternative to the traditional brick/clay style wood fired oven.
5.  Infinite temperature control, easily achieves a temperature range of 250°F to 950°F

    Take your cooking outdoors and enjoy the centuries-old tradition and spectacular flavors of wood-fired cooking.  Enjoy the wood-smoked flavor of pizzas, chicken, steaks, loaves of bread, and scrumptious desserts with the Tuscan Chef pizza ovens. 

    Unlike other outdoor pizza ovens, the Tuscan Chef ovens have two chambers.  “Black” wood-fired ovens house the fire right in the cooking chamber, where the food is cooking. “White” ovens have two separate chambers, one for the fire and one for cooking. The Tuscan Chef pizza ovens are hybrid designed with the best features of both but with none of the disadvantages.  

    Select the best countertop oven or oven on a cart from the collection options below! 

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