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Round Grove Baha Alfresco Gas Fireplace and Gas Pizza Oven Combo


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas

🍕 Capacity:  (1) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 2000lbs

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Firebox Size: Poco Alfresco

For the outdoor entertainer that values temperature control!

Fire up the gas fireplace and gas fired brick oven in days rather than weeks! Rather than spending months building a pizza oven or fireplace, you can have a completely manufactured ready-to-finish combo delivered and set up in a day. Finish with the material of choice to create a beautiful backyard focal point that your clients will love.

This amazing outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven was featured on This Old House in 2021. The Round Grove fireplace/brick pizza oven combo unit blends the best of the leading ready-to-finish, quality products. The advantage of the Baha Alfresco Gas Fireplace and Gas Pizza Oven is the setback for the gas-fired oven. This creates a 12" deep shelf below the gas-fired oven door which is handy when putting in or removing dishes from the oven.

The Round Grove ovens are featured in four models; Baha Alfresco, Baha, Fiesta, and Kiva. Made from 18-gauge galvanized steel U-channel framing, with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and factory-applied scratch-coat on all sides. They not only feature heavy-duty steel construction, but are resistant to corrosion, are non-combustible, and are built with inert materials so there is no rotting, swelling, or rusting. They can easily be finished with your choice of stone or brick veneer to match your home or building exterior.

IMPORTANT:  On the day of delivery you will be required to provide a forklift or Bobcat to off load your unit from the truck.

See how the Round Grove fireplace with pizza oven is delivered and setup in 60 seconds.

The Baha Alfresco combination unit includes the Alfresco stainless steel natural gas pizza oven which features an infrared hearth heating system and ceramic gas long rear burner for 40,000 BTUs of cooking power. The heat is held in by a double-walled insulated top, yet the natural air-cooling plenum keeps the control panel cool to the touch. It also features an internal halogen light that allows you to keep an eye on the progress of your food while cooking without having to pull it out! 

The benefit of a gas-fired pizza oven is the accelerated preheat time and the ceramic slab floor and ceiling provides even intense radiating heat. This oven covers 456 square inches of cooking surface, which is plenty big enough for the standard large 14-inch pizza for the whole family! The 8 1/2-inch tall opening features a removable arch and doors to ease access to the cooking area for cooking and cleaning your pizza oven.

The Baha Alfresco fireplace is plumed for gas and ready for a gas log set.

Note: "Mezzo" in photos is shown with a "pass-through firebox." This is an available option for ALL combo units with an upcharge associated. Please email us about customizations for pricing.

Note:  You can not use wood in the Baha fireplace or pizza oven. If you wanting to burn standard wood, order the Fiesta Largo instead.

Baha Alfresco Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo Features

  • High-Tech 20,000 BTU High Heat Ceramic Infrared Hearth Burner
  • 20,000 BTU Tube-Log Burner
  • Weight starts at - 2000lbs
  • Gas Rough-in and Key Valve included
  • Pizza peel included
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Cap included
  • 18-Gauge galvanized U-channel framing with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and factor-applied scratch-coat on all sides.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction, corrosion resistant, non-combustible, and are built with inert materials.
  • Fire brick installed on the interior rather than a precast refractory insert that is prone to crack.
  • Built to UL127 material standards

Round Grove Products Baha Alfresco Gas Fireplace and Gas Pizza Oven Combo Size Chart

Size Overall Dimensions Oven Dimensions Weight
Poco 48" w x 42" d x 120" h 30" x 30" 2000lbs
Mezzo 55" w x 42" d x 120" h 30" x 30" 2200lbs
Largo 63" w x 42" d x 120" h 30" x 30"  2400lbs

IMPORTANT: Please note these units arrive with JUST a scratch-coat on the exterior and the exterior design must be finished to your liking upon installation. If you need help with customization or stone finish, click on the link above or click here.

Kindly note that these stones may vary in color and size, and may not look exactly like the sample photos.


Combo Unit
Size Breakdowns

Round Grove Combo Unit Size Breakdowns


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  • Can I choose a different color for the chimney cap?

    The Baha untis will only have the Stainless Steel Chimney Cap.

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