Helping Customers Create The Perfect Entertaining Space With Fire, Food, and Friends!


Remii Electric Fireplaces offer a modern, hassle-free take on the traditional fire. In just minutes, you can transform any room into an inviting space that radiates a cozy ambience and warmth. With no installation and no chimney required, there's never been an easier way to add both ambiance and modern style to your home.

No smoke or mess means no nasty wood splitting or cleaning up ashes, meaning that you have more time to enjoy your beautiful fireside view in its peaceful wonderment. Equipped with amazing features like remote control settings and adjustable temperatures, it's easy to control the flame of your fire from any corner of your room! Aesthetically pleasing designs make it simple to find the perfect fit for any space while ensuring a chic style that will keep anyone mesmerized.

Summer evenings, a touch of jasmine in the air, and the delightful sizzle of a BBQ grill – these are the elements that compose the magical moments of outdoor soirees!