Summerset Outdoor Countertop LP/NG Pizza Oven


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas

🍕 Capacity:  (3) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 101lbs

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Gas Type: Propane (LP)

This little oven will fire up your backyard!

Pizza delivery?  We think not...   This incredible outdoor gas oven will add versatility to your backyard, allowing you to cook pizza, seafood, casseroles, loaves of bread, meats, and your favorite desserts right on your own patio. 

The design of the Summerset oven does not take up much space so it's perfect for limited outdoor space and balconies.

Use this outdoor oven to tastefully prepare and cook your outdoor meals to perfection. Its stainless steel construction ensures that you and your guests will be enjoying incredible culinary creations for years to come.  

Don't be fooled by this gas oven.  It gets very hot!  When set on high, the oven heats up to the 400’s quickly depending on the environment.  If that isn’t hot enough for you, the cooking stone inside the outdoor oven reaches temperatures up to and exceeding 700°F during this time as well.

** This oven was previously manufactured by Pacific Living as the Propane Gas Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven - PL8304SS

Included with the Gas Pizza Oven:

  • Food safe pizza stone - really heats up for the perfect pizza! 
  • Wood chip smoker box - add that extra flavor to your culinary creations
  • Protective feet kit for use on counter or island when not on cart
  • Pizza oven cover - protect your new oven from the weather

Summerset Pizza Oven Features

  • High Quality #304 stainless steel construction oven
  • 3 cooking racks with large oven capacity - cook up to a 20 lb Turkey and a 16-inch pizza
  • Built-in halogen cooking lights
  • Convenient electronic ignition, battery included
  • Full view front window with temperature gauge
  • Cool Touch heat resistant handle
  • Fold-down side shelves for easy storage
  • CSA Certified
  • LP tank sold separately

The Outdoor Oven Specs

  • Dimensions: 22.8"w x 34.2"h x 25.5"d
  • Main Burner 16,000 BTU (LP or NG)

Summerset Gas Pizza Oven User Manual & Spec Guide

Summerset Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven User Manual

CBO-750 Specification Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tammy P.
My husband and I purchased a pizza oven last month and love it.

My husband and I purchased a pizza oven last month and love it. We owned a pizzeria for 40 years and now we enjoy making pizza at home. Pam in customer service was a great help with everything! I would recommend this product and company to everyone who enjoys making pizza at home.

John M. (Hayden, US)

Summerset Outdoor LP/NG Freestanding Pizza Oven

Sheri L. (Fort Worth, US)
Pizza at its Best!

The oven has 3 racks and comes with one stone. I bought 2 more and can cook multiple pizzas at one time. They are as good as anything you would get in a restaurant!

We truly appreciate you taking the time to leave us this review about your Summerset Outdoor Countertop LP/NG Pizza Oven Sheri! Thank you! We love to hear that you are super satisfied and that you're making delicious pizzas with a breeze!

Roger W.
Pizza oven

Nice oven tnx

Thanks for the 5 star review Roger! We hope you are enjoying your Summerset Outdoor Counter LP/NG Pizza Oven!

Mona O. (San Jose, US)

Summerset Outdoor Counter LP/NG Pizza Oven

Andre B. (Niagara Falls, CA)
We purchased Summerset pizza oven and are very happy

We purchased a summerset oven and had it shipped to Canada. The process was easy thanks to the assistance of Patio & Pizza's customer service team. Morgan was very attentive, timely and helpful with guiding as through the process. The oven itself looks to be great quality and quite heavy duty. I'm glad we used Patio & Pizza with our purchase and would not hesitate to use them again!

Thank you so much for the fantastic 5 star review Andre!! :-) It's always a wonderful day when we receive a review like this! We strive to provide the absolute best customer service that exists and this lets us know we are doing something right. We're delighted to hear your Summerset Outdoor Counter LP/NG Pizza Oven and your experience with us at Patio & Pizza has met your expectations and look forward to having a long lasting relationship with you!

Joseph S. (Phoenix, US)

Summerset Outdoor LP/NG Freestanding Pizza Oven


Ask a Question
  • can you cook more than 1 pizza at the same time

    With the Pacific Living Oven, you'll cook your pizza on a pizza stone.  This oven can hold a pizza up to 16" so you could instead cook a couple of smaller personal pizzas.  You could also potentially put a stone on each rack but the crust of the top pizza would not cook quite as well as the one on the bottom when cooked at the same time.  The good news is that the pizzas cook so quickly that you typically don't need to cook more than one at a time!  

  • Does the oven work with natural gas or gas tank.

    Great question!  The Pacific Living Oven comes ready to attach to a propane gas (LP) tank.  However, we include a Natural Gas Orifice Kit for LP to NG conversion (NG hose NOT included) if you need to attach to NG.  

  • How much cooking time do you per tank, can you bake bread and other baked items.

    Yes, you can bake bread and cook lots of things in the Pacific Living Gas Pizza Oven - just set the temperature to the appropriate degrees.  Regarding how much cooking time you'll have per propane tank, a 20lb tank contains 430,000 BTUs when full. The Pacific Living outdoor gas oven has a 16,000 BTU burner.   So if you used the oven on the highest setting, using 16,000 BTU’s per hour (430,000 divided by 16,000 = 26.875),  the tank should last for 26 plus hours of cooking.  Of course, that using it on the highest setting which you most likely won't do unless you are cooking at temperatures higher than 400 degrees at all times.  If cooking pizzas, the cooking stone inside the outdoor oven, where you place your food, reaches temps up to 700°F when you have the pizza oven set to the highest temperatures.

  • What's the heating time of stainless steel and brick ovens?

    Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times.  

  • what is the measurement of cooking area

    Cooking dimensions 19 7/8 X 19 3/16".

  • Does oven require electrical outlet ?

    No, the Summerset Outdoor Countertop Pizza Oven is a gas oven that is already equipped with LP fittings. A Natural Gas Orifice Kit for LP to NG conversion (NG hose NOT included) if you need to attach to NG is included.

  • Can you install this appliance as a built in unit as part of a outside Barbeque?

    Yes. The Summerset Outdoor Countertop Pizza Oven (SKU: SS-OVBI) is a built in unit. You just wouldn't install the feet on the oven. It may need a liner if it is installed in a combustible island.

  • Does this come with a timer?

    This oven does not include a timer. You can find a very informative video on this oven at the bottom of the description section on the product listing page.

  • Do you sell a cover for it?

    Yes! You can find them here.

  • what is the weight of this Pizza Oven

    85 lbs

  • Do you a distribution centre in Australia

    Unfortunately, we only ship to addresses within the United States and Canada (for some products). What we reccomend to folks who are interested in our products is that they look locally for a retailer who may carry the same or similar products.

  • where do i get the orifice kit for LP to NG conversion

    The Natural Gas Orifice Kit for LP to NG conversion is included with the Summerset Outdoor Counter LP/NG Pizza Oven. However, the gas hose is not included. That hose can be purchased from any hardware store.

  • Do I need any extra parts to install into a stone outdoor island? Will it need a shelf to sit on or can it be open underneath and attach to countertop?

    Our Summerset Outdoor Counter LP/NG Oven is designed to sit upon a counter/surface or built in to an island. If built into an island, the optional flange kit (Model: OV-FLANGE-KIT) would need to be used. It would be possible to install it open underneath, however, you'd need to ensure there is clearance for the drawer to be opened.

  • Is the depth measurement 25.5” of the summerset the total of the front overhang or the the footing measurements? I want to know if I can put this on a stainless steel counter with a depth of 24” thanks

    The 25.5" is the overall depth of the oven. We've added a spec sheet on the listing so you can see the full measurements of this oven.
    The built-in cut-out dimensions of this oven is 23 1/2" (W) x 6 1/4" (H) x 20" (D). Check out the last page of the user manual

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