Alfa MODERNO 5 Pizze Gas Oven


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Gas/Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (5) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 386lbs

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Color: Antique Red
Style: No Base

Welcome to the MODERNO Line Pizza Ovens from Alfa Ovens

The perfect addition to any kitchen or outdoor entertaining area. This oven has been made to exacting Italian standards, so you know you’re getting quality craftsmanship backed by decades of experience and design expertise. Each oven is designed with a striking Italian style that will be sure to wow your guests!

Forget about pre-heating and wasting time waiting on your food. With our HeatGenius™ technology, these ovens reach piping-hot 500°C temperatures in only 30 minutes! You can have delicious pizzas ready in no time flat, making it easy for you to entertain friends with fresh food any time of night. Plus, the even cooking capabilities of HeatGenius™ technology will guarantee each piece is cooked to perfection – without soggy bottoms or burnt crusts.

Bring out your inner chef and host memorable events with the MODERNO Line Pizza Ovens from Alfa Ovens. Make your kitchen the life of a party with classic Italian styling along with modern innovation - everyone will be talking about it for days afterward! Add this masterpiece to your home and enjoy restaurant quality without ever having to leave your front door.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Moderno 5 comes configured for NG. However, an LP conversion kit is included for installation by a certified technician if you decide to change to LP in the future.

If you want to get the full wood version of this oven, check out the Alfa Allegro Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

The Alfa Ovens MODERNO 5 Pizze

Soft, rounded curves, trendy colors, and Alfa technology characterize the MODERNO line ovens, making them perfect for furnishing young and dynamic outdoor spaces. Check out this quick side-by-side comparison between the Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze and the rest of the Alfa Moderno line:


A semi-professional wood-burning or gas pizza oven for those who want to share countless recipes.

Dimensions:   46.6" W x 40.2" D x 58.7" H
Cooking Floor:   34" x 28"
Weight:   385 lbs (175 kgs)
Pizza Capacity:   (5) 12" Pizza
Maximum temperature:   500 °C
Gas Type: NG (LP Conversion Kit included)
Colors:   Antique Red, Fire Yellow
MODERNO 1 Pizza Alfa Oven
MODERNO Portable
A light, compact, and portable gas pizza oven.

• Fits (1) 12" Pizza
• 21.7" W x 20.4" D x 35.9" H
• 16" x 16" Cooking Floor
• Weighs 77 lbs (35 kgs)
• Comes in LP only
• Available in Antique Red, Grey

MODERNO 2 Pizza Alfa Oven
A compact wood-burning or gas pizza oven ideal for cooking fragrant pizzas and more.

• Fits (2) 12" Pizza
• 37.4" W x 27.5" D x 41.5" H
• 24" x 20" Cooking Floor
• Weighs 174 lbs (79 kgs)
• Comes in LP (NG Kit included)
• Available in Antique Red, Fire Yellow

MODERNO 3 Pizza Alfa Oven
A wood-burning or gas pizza oven that can cook multiple recipes and 3 pizzas at the same time.

• Fits (3) 12" Pizza
• 42.5" W x 28.7" D x 44.9" H
• 31" x 20" Cooking Floor
• Weighs 214 lbs (97 kgs)
• Comes in NG (LP Kit Included)
• Available in Antique Red, Fire Yellow

Different sizes, different designs, same Alfa technology

The Alfa range of home pizza ovens is designed to satisfy the personality and needs of those who own them. Whether it’s a party with friends, a romantic dinner, or a family lunch, Alfa has the perfect solution: each stylistic line offers different sizes and types of fuel to be used, consistently guaranteeing high cooking performance.

Functional and versatile accessories such as the Hybrid Kit are particularly useful for transforming the 2 Pizze, 3 Pizze, and 5 Pizze models into a hybrid oven, thus allowing you to decide from time to time whether to cook using wood or gas for maximum freedom of expression in the kitchen.

Heat Genius®. The secret to savoring a pizza at home like in a pizzeria

To allow you to cook a pizza at home just as good as that of your favorite restaurant, Alfa researchers have developed the innovative Heat Genius™ technology, thanks to which the condiments cook at one temperature and the dough at another, resulting in each pizza being consistently fragrant and well cooked.

This is because heat is slowly released from the refractory brick and irradiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls. In this way, the condiments cook faster, releasing even part of their moisture, and the dough becomes crispy without burning, thus reaching the perfect balance.

The Alfa MODERNO 5 Pizze Base

Don't settle for ordinary. Upgrade to extraordinary with the Alfa MODERNO 5 Pizze Base. Experience the convenience, style, and versatility that this base has to offer. Your outdoor cooking dreams are just a click away. Embrace the Alfa MODERNO 5 Pizze Base - the ultimate companion for your outdoor entertaining adventures.

Imagine effortlessly moving your oven from one spot to another, thanks to the convenient professional wheels with brakes. Whether you want to reposition it for optimal cooking conditions or simply create more space for your guests to mingle, the Alfa MODERNO 5 Pizze Base has got you covered. No more heavy lifting or awkward positioning - just smooth and easy mobility.

What's included?
  • Stainless steel panel for cylinder cover or wood holder
  • 4 professional wheels with brakes.
  • 2 convenient folding side shelves
  • 1 food warmer compartment
  • Weighs just 141 lbs (64 kgs)


Optional Accessories

Hybrid Kit
The Alfa Kit Hybrid is the solution to get a hybrid oven, doubling your cooking possibilities as you choose the best of two fuels. Its main features are:

• Allows you to use your gas-fired oven fueled by firewood.
• Compatible with Alfa Forni gas models.
• Can withstand very high temperature (over 1 000 °C).
• Made of AISI 441 stainless steel.
• It consists of two components: burner lid and wood holder.
Oven Cover
The ALFA oven cover is the best protection for your outdoor oven. It is specifically designed for every model and made with a technical fabric that protects it from the atmospheric corrosion and the normal wear and tear.

• Protective action against bad weather.
• Made with waterproof, made with waterproof material.
• Easy and quick to fit as it is custom-made.
• Suitable for wood and gas-fired ovens.
Low & Slow Kit
The Low & Slow Kit designed by Alfa is ideal for baking bread and more generally for all recipes that require lengthy cooking at low temperatures. The kit includes:

• The convenient removable door, equipped with a large glass-ceramic window, allows you to constantly keep an eye on the dishes inside the oven;
• The insert with butterfly valve, to be placed at the base of the flue which is useful for managing the temperature with greater precision.


Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Gas Oven
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Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Specs
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Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Base
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