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Fiberbuilt Umbrellas Collection

FiberBuilt Umbrellas, Inc. was established with the goal of producing the most innovative and durable umbrellas for the hospitality industry. We saw the shortcomings of steel and wood ribbed umbrellas and understood the needs that hoteliers and restaurateurs had for durable umbrellas that would hold up to harsh weather conditions. Taking inspiration from the performance of high end sport fishing equipment, we created a product line superior to anything else on the market. 

For over fifteen years our flexible fiberglass ribs, rust resistant hardware, and other structural and design improvements have made FiberBuilt the leader in the industry. Today, our resilient, contract quality umbrellas can be found at resorts, country clubs, timeshares and condominiums, as well as hotels and restaurants across the country, throughout the Caribbean and around the world. As a result of being a leading manufacturer of umbrellas for demanding, high traffic commercial environments we have become sought after in the retail market. Through various stores and online retailers, we offer a wide range of umbrellas to discerning homeowners looking for superior quality at reasonable price points. 

As our product line has grown to include bases, cushions and accessories, we have also added to our name. We are now known as FiberBuilt Umbrellas and Cushions. But our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products has never wavered. Our goal is to make all our products BUILT TO LAST.

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