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Brickwood Pizza Oven Kit Cortile Barile Package 2


Build a true brick oven starting with the Cortile Barile Pizza Oven kit

Become an oven builder without years of brick-making experience!  The Cortile Barile / Package 2 comes with all the high-end goodies you need – minus the locally purchased refractory materials (firebrick and refractory cement).

You simply press high-temperature castable refractory cement into the foam Cortile Barile molds to create 5 interlocking wood-burning pizza oven pieces (front, back, top, and 2 sides).

Once the refractory cement is dry, simply remove the foam molds and assemble your outdoor wood-burning pizza oven on top of your oven base – attach your oven accessories and enjoy amazing backyard pizza and other delights for years to come! And yes, just like Play-Doh - it really is that easy!

In this package, you will receive Box 1 and Box 2 of the Cortile Barile foam wood-burning pizza oven molds (there are 9 / 1lb bags of Stainless Steel Fibers inside of Box 2)… A top-of-the-line DuraTech double-wall stainless steel exhaust kit by DuraVent (includes 12” double-wall stainless steel chimney pipe)… 50sf of 6lb ceramic fiber blanket to provide 2-layers of extreme-duty insulation for your outdoor wood-burning pizza oven by Harbison Walker, FiberFrax or Kaowool.

The most popular pizza oven tools by American Metalcraft (the leading brand of pizza oven accessories) and of course, our heavy-duty pizza oven door with beautiful red oak handles.

Cortile Barile Oven Specs

Interior Dimensions: 30" D x 27" W x 14" H
Exterior Dimensions: 35.5" D x 30.5" W x 16" H
Cooking Surface Area: 810 Sq Inches
Oven Type: Castable Refractory
Average PPH (Pizzas Per Hour): 30-35
Oven Temperature: 1000+
Avg Time to Build Base (1 person): 18 Hours (combined)
Avg Time to Build Oven (1 person): 20 Hours (combined)
Average Cost to Build Base: $400
Avg Cost to Build Finished Oven (including Brickwood Form): $1,300

Cortile Barile Benefits:

  • Great for all occasions large and small!  (1 - 40 people)
  • Excellent for pizzas, bread, and low-profile foods
  • Super-easy to build with step-by-step directions
  • Cooks faster and hotter than firebrick models
  • It only takes 2 hours to mix, pour and pack!  Really!
  • Save thousands over comparable models
  • Build the base and oven in just 2 weekends (or less)
  • DIY-EZ!


Cortile Barile (Package 2) Includes:

Cortile Barile Wood Fired Pizza Oven Forms (2 boxes) & 9lbs of Stainless Steel Fibers

DuraTech Exhaust Kit (Anchor Plate, Chimney Cap, 12" Pipe, Spark Arrestor & Hi-Temp Adhesive)

3 Pack by American Metalcraft: Brush Head & Handle, Aluminum Pizza Peel, & Pizza Peel Holder

Cortile Barile Series 10G Door with Red Oak Handles

50sf of 6# Ceramic Fiber Blanket


Don't hesitate - Add To Cart now to build your own DIY Refractory Brick Pizza oven today!

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Video: Building the Cortile Barile Refractory Brick Pizza Oven


Brickwood Pizza Oven Kit Cortile Barile
Installation Guide

Step 1: Making The Oven

Cortile Barile oven with ceramic fiber blanket insulation user manual

Step 2: Build the Insulated Base

Cortile Barile Insulated Base user manual

Step 3: Oven Assembly

How to Build the Oven User Manual

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