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BrickWood Ovens

BrickWood Collection

Why do we love the Brickwood Ovens brand?

Why do so many high-end restaurants use wood burning grills instead of gas or charcoal? Because food cooked with real wood just tastes better!  Enjoy the high-end taste that only real wood can bring to your BBQ with the BrickWood Box.


As America’s leading manufacturer of DIY pizza oven and fire brick oven kits, we offer masons, contractors and backyard DIY warriors the highest quality and easiest to build wood fired pizza oven kits, forms and molds on the market today. 

Our best-selling Mattone Barile Grande is classic style brick oven that not only bakes pizza and bread to perfection, but also doubles as a wood burning grill.  The Mattone Cupola outdoor pizza oven is a dome-shaped, wood fired oven that excels at baking breads and other delicious low-profile foods.  And the Cortile Barile is our 5-piece, barrel-shaped pizza oven kit that you pour, pack and cure - right in the shipping box!

Summer evenings, a touch of jasmine in the air, and the delightful sizzle of a BBQ grill – these are the elements that compose the magical moments of outdoor soirees!