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In a previous blog post Food Truck vs Food Trailer, we reached out to those of you who are interested in starting your very own brick oven pizza truck. We started by discussing the debate of food truck vs food trailer, and what considerations you should take into account when deciding between the two.

If you’re more interested in creating your own custom food truck, read on to learn how to choose the best wood-fired oven for your small business.
brick oven trailer
There are many food truck manufacturers that offer new food trucks for sale that can be ordered to your specification. If you have purchased an old truck or trailer that you are modifying for yourself, you will need to order your wood-fired oven separately. There are a few factors that go into such decisions. 

1. How much space will you expect to have? If all of your operations must fit inside the truck – as in, you will not be allowed to cook pizzas in a portable outdoor oven – you will be more constrained as to space and ventilation. It’s very important to have a direct ventilation system if your oven will be a permanent installation. Smoke can be removed from the ceiling of your truck through a chimney pipe. The Chicago Brick Oven 750 is a hooded brick oven. With its 41x28" cooking surface, this oven will easily cook (2) 12"pizzas at a time – this model is well within the size range of most food trucks and will allow space for prep and sales.

traveling pizza oven

2. How quickly will you need to heat your oven? Our food truck ovens heat in a range of times, from 20 minutes to several hours of slowly building. At long catered events in which guests may not expect food when they arrive, a slower heating oven may be fine.

In residential settings, a slow heating oven can even add to the fun and enjoyment of the evening. But, in a fast-paced food truck, there may not be enough time to wait for the oven to come to temperature.

If you need to faster heat up time, consider the Prime Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven. This steel portable pizza oven heats in only 20-30 minutes, allowing you to get your operations up and running quickly. It also has a large 35" x 35" cooking space to handle larger crowds.

Food Truck Pizza Oven Prime

3. Wood vs Gas? A wood-fired oven is going to leave delicious, smoky flavors in everything you prepare in it. For many, this is the appeal of a pizza oven. However, for those who are looking to get their oven fired fast, a gas oven may be more logical.

Depending on the volume you expect to see in your food truck business, gas ovens like the Alfa Quattro Pro Commercial oven or the CBO-750 Hybrid Gas/Wood Oven may be the perfect choice!  But, if wood is what you want, consider authentic brick ovens.  The Famosi Brick Pizza Oven is affordable yet large enough to cook enough pizzas quickly enough to keep your customers happy.

custom food truck brick oven


Of course, there are many considerations to take into account when planning your wood oven pizza catering business including whether the oven you choose requires any UL-Listed certifications.  

Please take the time to peruse our many commercial pizza oven options, and if you need any help determining which model is best for you, contact a Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings team member today!

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