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Authentic Lisboa & Pizzaioli Brick Ovens Get a Make Over

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Are you looking for the best wood fired pizza ovens with the most authentic looks?  You found them! 

Imagine sitting on the patio this summer, sipping wine, while your meal is infusing with amazing apple-flavored smoke in your new wood burning brick oven.  Now, imagine this pizza oven is better-looking than any other you've ever seen and you are now the envy of the neighborhood.

Both of your dreams can come true now that the Portuguese brick pizza ovens come with a new limited-edition new stone finish!  You will not find a more unique or authentic oven anywhere else!

Pizzaioli Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Finish

 The authentic Pizzaioli and Lisboa wood-fired ovens are 100% hand-made with a patented design in Lisbon, Portugal.   To build their authentic brick pizza ovens, the craftsmen start from scratch with clay bricks previously cured in an oven at 1832℉. 

The layer of brick and mortar is covered with 100% natural clay and refractory cement.  Next, a thick layer of Rockwool insulation is applied and held down with metal batting before adding yet another layer of refractory cement.  

Brick Pizza Oven handmade in Portugal

The traditional Lisboa and Pizzaioli ovens are completed at this point with a white finish.  But, now, gorgeous unique stones are added to the oven's dome giving the Lisboa and the Pizzaioli a very unique finish.

Traditional Pizzaioli Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Note: The stone covered brick ovens are shipped with the natural matte stone finish but you can apply varnish if you want a shinier look.  Most customers prefer it just the way it arrives!

Don't delay as we have a very limited quantity of these authentic brick pizza ovens.  

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