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Nothing’s better than feasting on a grand meal (or maybe, grand pizza) with your family and friends knowing that your meal is healthy and full of nutrients to keep you going throughout the day. It may sound impossible to achieve given that the world of nutrition and good cooking is being overtaken by frying pans brimming with oil and conventional ovens slowly (but surely!) burning out the nutrition left in your food the moment it goes inside.

But, all is not lost as the solution to this is one that has existed for thousands of years. A method that not only keeps your food healthy but also enhances flavor to make your food extra yummy and delightful. A method involving fire, caveman-like style… Kidding! A method involving the amazing Wood-Fired Oven, of course!

Wood Fired Cooking

Contrary to what most people think, using a wood-fired oven isn’t intimidating and complicated, but actually very simple. This unique and versatile oven can handle many kinds of food, from simple snacks to delectable meals that will make your mouth water while keeping you healthy!

Pizza Oven Temperatures

The cooking temperature of a pizza oven used to cook and roast food can be much higher compared to your average oven. It produces high heat faster, allowing fruits and vegetables to retain certain nutrients and antioxidants that might have otherwise diminished in a longer cooking time. The nutritional benefits a wood-fired oven produces leave your food healthier, especially when you use it to cook pizzas topped with a handful of veggies for an explosion of flavor!

Aside from being able to cook food faster due to a higher amount of heat, the wood-fired oven also gives off even heat distribution radiating out from the firewood and across the dome, enhancing food flavor and giving it that smoky, savory taste, of which you won’t be able to get enough.

Pizza Oven Benefits

There are amazing ways that the wood-fired oven can keep your food healthy, but you know what else it can keep healthy? Your wallet!   Another striking benefit of using a wood-fired oven is that it’s environmentally friendly, helping you save on energy and maintain a greener lifestyle by simply utilizing fire as an energy source for cooking.

You won’t be using any form of electricity since it only needs wood and fire to keep it burning.  Just make sure you use the best wood for wood fired pizza ovens to enhance the flavors and keep you and your pizza oven healthy!

Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven

So if you can't wait to have authentic cooking experiences while trying new and healthy recipes, invest in one of the best wood-fired pizza ovens, the Chicago Brick Oven 500 Countertop Pizza.  The CBO-500 will be your gateway to a new type of backyard experience and cherished memories;  made in the USA, the CBO-500 offers the high heat of the signature FlameRoll - the best way to get true wood-fired taste and make delicious, healthy and hearty food!

Get your CBO-500 Brick Oven today!

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