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Benefits of Investing in Your Own Gas/Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Let’s face it. Everyone loves pizza, and when it’s time to serve your family dinner or you’re hosting guests, ordering pizza delivery is a popular choice – it’s easy, delicious and feeds a lot of people at once.

Now imagine if you had your very own gas or wood fired pizza oven in your home, and you were able to serve homemade pizza that tasted as good, or even better than your favorite pizza place? You can make this pizza fantasy a reality with the many pizza ovens for sale that come pre-assembled for your kitchen or outdoor living space.

Wood-Fired Cooking

Whether throwing a birthday party for your kid, having the guys over for the big game, or hosting an intimate dinner party, you’re guaranteed to impress all with your sleek-looking gas/wood fired pizza oven. You can make it a fun activity, setting out toppings so each guest can design their own personal pizza, and later take pleasure in devouring their culinary creation.

Wood-fired recipes

It may be called a wood-fired pizza oven, but it’s not just for baking pizza. In fact, there are endless options on what you can cook use it for. Unlike a conventional oven, a wood fired oven provides a combination of smoking, baking, and roasting that results in tantalizing, healthy and mouth-watering dishes that are filled with flavor.

You can use your wood fired pizza oven to bake desserts such as berry cobbler or apple pie, or cook steaks, seafood, ribs, fajitas, and even French onion soup. The options on what to cook are as wide as your imagination will go.

Yes, you can make perfect pizza and other tantalizing healthy foods, as well as be the envy of all your friends, but there are even more benefits you gain when investing in your own gas/wood-fired pizza oven. For starters, they look exquisite in any kitchen.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, Earthstone offers an extensive line of modern high-quality wood and gas fired ovens with over 15 models to choose from. All ovens come pre-assembled and can be decorated to match the style of your home.

Whether your décor is rustic, modern, traditional or eclectic, your gas pizza oven will greatly enhance the appearance of your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Additionally, adding a gas pizza oven increases the real estate value of your home. Overall, it’s a wise investment all-around for the aesthetic, cooking and entertaining perks it offers. 

One model we recommend is Earthstone Ovens Model 60-PAGW. It can be used as wood fired, wood and gas combination, or gas fired, giving you the best of both worlds. The cooking area is 23” diameter, which the ideal capacity for cooking two 8” pizzas, one 12” or 16” pizza, eight medium steaks or six large steaks.

The Earthstone pizza ovens feature a steel support frame and enclosure, maximum heat storage capacity which allows for even cooking, stainless steel adapter sleeve, “Pierre de Boulanger” hearth floor ceramic tiles and a 5-year limited warranty.

Order your own Earthstone pizza oven and start creating your own pizzas, cooking nutritious and tasty meals, and boosting the appearance of your outdoor or indoor kitchen.

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