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2019 Father's Day Gifts

Dads do a lot for the people they love. It’s apparent in their labors of love over the grill, ambitious DIY projects, and the everyday care they provide for their friends and family. That’s why we’ve decided Father’s Day 2019 will be the day the same boring, unimaginative gifts no longer cut it! A unique Father’s Day gift is in order this year, and if you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

1. The Cougar Ash Vacuum

It’s a well-known phrase: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Lesser known is the phrase’s less-attractive cousin, “where there’s fire, there’s ash.” A hardworking dad knows this all too well, and he’s probably tired of scooping built-up ash from grills, fireplaces, and bonfire pits.

Thankfully, the patented Cougar Ash Vacuum is here to provide another entry to your list of Father’s Day gift ideas.


Cougar designed this vacuum specifically for ash, and it includes an advanced filtration system to prevent potentially hazardous or irritating ash from being kicked up during cleaning. This year, save Dad’s back by switching his shovel for something a little more high-tech!

2. ALFA 5 Minuti Woodfired Pizza Oven

A dad’s culinary skills tend to truly shine through when he plays with fire. This usually plays out over a traditional barbeque grill, but there’s no reason why flame-powered cooking needs to be limited to one mode! If you’re searching for a true one-of-a-kind gift for a dad that loves to cook, the Alfa 5 Minuti pizza oven will give him another opportunity to let his flame-infused cooking chops get some exercise.

Alfa 5 Minute Pizza Oven

The Alfa 5 Minuti is a mobile, Italian wood-fired pizza oven crafted with artisanship and industry expertise. In the hands of the right dad, delicious wood-fired pizza and countless other meals are within reach!

3. A Subscription to the Grill Masters Club

Whether Dad has a barbeque he adores or a new pizza oven he’s experimenting with, he’ll need the right mix of flavors for the job. This is where the help of some expert curators might help; one of the top subscription boxes for men are those offered by the Grill Master’s Club, which can send a grilling dad new sauces, seasons, smokes, and rubs to use in mouthwatering recipes.

A BBQ subscription box can go hand-in-hand with a new grill or pizza oven, as can a few other ideas if you’re looking to make Father’s Day truly special. This leads us to our next gift idea...

4. Alfa Ovens Pizza Tool Kit

No pit master will be in his element without the tools of the trade. If Dad is looking a little confused about how to use his new pizza oven, or if he’s bemoaned the absence of a particular tool that might have made a meal better (or successful at all), the Alfa Ovens pizza toolkit may be the saving grace of Father’s Day.

With handmade wooden tools crafted in Italy and a variety of helpful instruments like peels, cutters, and an infrared thermometer, this tool kit will send Dad well on his way to Neapolitan mastery.

5. An Eighth of a Cow

After Dad has gotten the hang of his new tools, he’ll probably be on the lookout for something new to grill. When it comes to unique Father’s Day gifts, there’s not much that’s more exciting than several premium cuts of steak from 1/8th of a grass-fed cow, delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Steaks cooking in the pizza oven

Included are delectable cuts like filet mignon, ribeye, London broils, and several others ready for the painstaking grilling Dad is bound to give them.  Also, as a bit of a bonus, you’ll get to eat this Father’s Day gift, too!

Enjoy Father's Day 2019 and, remember, with all the gifts above, you'll not only make your Dad's day the best ever but you'll also get to eat better than ever!

Need even more gift ideas for dear ol' Dad?  Check out these 3 awesome Father's Day gift ideas!

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