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Fire Pit Art - the Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

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A fire pit is a fabulous focal point for any outdoor living space. Its flames ignite a soothing warmth with a glowing backdrop, which is ideal for socializing, unwinding, and spending time outside with family and friends, creating new memories and reminiscing about old ones.

There’s a good reason why people have gathered around a fire since the beginning of time. Those blazing benefits still hold firm in modern civilization, hence why fire pits are showing up today on millions of decks and outdoor patios. What makes fire fits so appealing is that they are functional and add an astonishing element to landscape design and outdoor décor.

Now take the concept of a blazing fit pit and combine that with hand-cut unique works of art. That brings us to Fire Pit Art, the brand creating the best original outdoor wood burning fire pits, bowls, and tables. No two fire pits are exactly alike, as the flames are free-hand drawn.  Each authentic model is made to order by Tennessee craftsman in the heartland of America, and are individually numbered by the artist on an attached brass plaque.

Fire Pit Art offers a range of individual styles to choose from. Whether you’re going for a look that is minimalistic sleek or outdoor rustic, you’ll find the gas and wood fire pit that best matches your personal taste and budget. Some designs even feature etchings that showcase different themes, including the sea, moon, animals, and more.

Some examples of Fire Pit Art designs include:

Manta Ray This wood burning fire bowl reflects the beauty and ease of a giant manta ray gliding through the ocean with its gentle strokes. Its bold copper shade complements the devouring red flares. Sit comfortably around the raised bowl, without having to lean forward to enjoy the warmth.
Fire Pit Art Manta Ray

Beachcomber This wood fire pit bowl showcases a hand-etched design featuring conch, nautilus and scallop seashells. Watch the glowing inferno through its seashell patterns. It’s the perfect outdoor accent for your oceanfront oasis, or your backyard retreat while you dream of your next beach getaway.
Fire Pit Art Beachcomber
Antlers Oh deer, this stunning fire pit honors our gentle forest friends. Like a deer caught in headlights, one cannot help but to stop and stare at the striking glow of this wood burning fire pit bowl. The etched antler design lights up any outdoor environment with its spectacular forest feel.

    Fire Pit Art - Antlers


    Fire Pit Art wood and gas burning fire pits are crafted with heavy-duty, 1/4 thick, mild carbon steel and are the most durable steel fire pits available. The outer iron oxide patina is maintenance free, and fire pit can be left outside year-round, withstanding all types of weather. The patina will mature and darken a few shades over time and use, and then keep that look permanently.

    As you can see below, the original color on the left changes from a rust color to a gorgeous rich mahogany color during the first firing.

    Fire Pit Art - New Patina Color Fire Pit Art - Patina Color Fired


    The Fire Pit Art portable wood burning fire pits can be moved around from your wood deck to your yard, or take with you to the waterfront for a cozy beach bonfire.

    As the temperatures drop and the days shorten, you can extend the summer season by spending more time outdoors. Gather your tribe and surround yourselves with the sparkling warmth and breathtaking blaze that only a wood burning fire pit can offer.

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